K9 Kennel Store – Kennel Castle For Large Breed Dogs

K9 Kennel Castle Script
• Designed for large dog breeds
• Accommodates 2-3 dogs
• Maximize kennel space with multiple levels
• Provides a "playground" environment
• Elevated off the ground preventing water from seeping in
• Offset door to avoid direct drafts
• Built from maintenance-free materials
• Large access door
• Sheltered run under the dog house
• Vinyl Flap door
• Powder coated steel frame
• 4' Ramp
• Available in six colors

Welcome to the K9 Kennel Store web site, where you will find some of the best designed and most unique dog houses available. This truly unique dog house has many benefits that other vendors simply don't, or cannot offer.
We have noticed that there aren't many big dog houses for large breeds of dogs on the market. If you want a big dog house you most likely will have to build it yourself. This is only one reason why we have designed The K9 Kennel Castle. Not only is it huge making it a comfortable shelter for your larger breeds of dogs but is saves on space too.
These eye-catching dog houses provide a safe and comfortable shelter for your dogs, while making it easy and fun for you to care for them!
For larger breeds of dogs we have the K9 Kennel Castle dog house. This will hold the largest breeds of dogs. Such as Mastiff's (as you see here) Great Dane's, Saint Bernard's, German Shepherds as well as many others. Or if you would like to house 2 or 3 dogs in one house, you can do that as well! Dog houses can take up a lot of valuable room inside your dog run, however, not only is this dog house huge enough to accommodate large breeds, or house 2 or 3 dogs in one house, but it's designed to maximize the your kennel space. We do this by placing the dog house outside of the kennel, with the dog house and porch elevated up off the ground to provide extra square footage that would otherwise go unused in any other kennel. Dogs love to be elevated up off the ground in their "safe zone," and this provides that for them while also providing them with a look-out, of sorts. Between the extra space and the elevated design, this is truly the ultimate playground environment for your dog!

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