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  1. Love these videos Natalie! You’ve become my favorite dog training channel for sure and I will be using these methods for my future pups. Also RIP to your back lol yikes. I hope that pain didn’t last to long.

    1. Hey Derek! Take up part of his breakfast kibble and part of his dinner kibble, pop that in your treat pouch and use it throughout the day to reward good behaviors. When you are working on teaching your puppy a new skill, mix in some fun higher value treats to make it more exciting to participate in learning the games. Randomizing your rewards will also help keep it interesting, for example, if you mix in treats with his kibble and sometimes he gets a kibble, sometimes he gets a treat, sometimes he gets a jackpot (successive treats – one after the other) and sometimes he gets verbal praise, you can keep him seeking that engagement from you while skill-building. Happy training!

  2. I wish I saw your channel sooner . Anyway I made mistakes along the way at training my dog and it takes a lot of time to solve problems since I am a beginner . Your video clarify things I am doubtful . Sorry for bad English .

  3. Hi Natalie,
    My 3 months old lab barks everytime he goes to the down position. I don’t treat him when he barks but is there any other way to correct it?

  4. I love your videos. Well, I’m going to get my puppy in November with four months, and I’m pretty excited to train him in that way and to see his growth at it.

  5. wow! another amazing trainning video and dog transformation! the difference from before and after is unbelievable, its like a different dog! it just goes to show wat i said in my comments on another one of ur videos that dogs are super intellignt and can learn and do amazing things! great work keep it up and again ur an amazing dog trainner!

  6. My last majestic Siberian was a Kira. (From Aynd Rand novel). I’ve really enjoyed seeing your Husky also. She looks completely relaxed and tuned in. So nice to see a pro with a Siberian. I’ve raised several. They will become as good as you can imagine them to be. Just give them the info. Thank’s for representing that so to speak.

  7. I just got a 10 week old husky pup who is alreadystartingto show separation anxiety. I love this video. I immediately started implementing your techniques after seeing Kira on the leash and seeing the same behavior my pup shows. I hope to learn more from you

  8. I love your videos Natalie. I have two border collie puppies and I am trying to give them some basic training. How is it with two dogs? does the training of one dog help the other one? Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico!

  9. Do you have a video showing how you crate train your board and trains? I have my dog who incessantly whines and barks in the crate and I’ve tried many methods to train him with it and no luck.

  10. Thank you for your efforts here. My pup, Buddy an 18 month old Aussiedoodle, is doing well in his training. I am learning from you and likewise he is learning too. Keep it up and remember not to walk backwards.

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