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  1. Oooh thank you! I’d love to get beyond the surface ‘use distraction’ aka treats or play to deal with a Sheltie who isn’t super food or treat motivated outdoors. He’s 7 months old and while he’s responsive indoors, when we head outside its as if I don’t exist. He’s super distracted, barks and jumps at people and other dogs (playfully) and worst of all, he wants to chase cars. His herding instinct is super strong and I”m concerned for his safety (he’s always leashed and harnessed). Is it worth investing in a ‘doggy daycare’ scenario to give him more social time? His base level puppy training course was not much use in this regard.

    1. There’s a trainer who talks of finding your dog’s “Kryptonite” which is finding the thing that they love best. My dog has a passion for jumping for bubbles which is great as so much jumping can tire her and I don’t have anything to pick up. She’s a collie so a herding type like yours. Good luck in finding your dog’s Kryptonite!

    2. I would say need to work in your engagement on the leash. Use it inside and outside in your yard. Work on down, look, and redirecting with stop and gos. Proof that before going to the street.
      Look at head halti it guides then from the jaw

  2. My shih-tzu is still very stubborn about potty training, he’ll hold his poop until nobody is around and then go do it inside somewhere.
    Sometimes he’ll even take a bite out of it -I feel like I’ve tried everything to get him to stop, it’s so frustrating.

    1. Have you tried bell training? I have a strip of bells hanging from my door. When my puppy was very young, I would use the words potty outside, and jingle the bells, or I would try to get her to jingle the bells before we would go outside. I would use the words potty potty! Then, when we went outside, I would tell her the same words, potty potty. Before I knew it, she was going to the bells and ringing them on her own when she had to go potty. She is now 12 weeks old and very rarely has an accident in the house. That mostly happens if I don’t hear her ring the bells. It’s funny because she is quite animated about ringing the bells now.

    2. @Jen Kirby That’s unfortunate. My dog rings them frequently, sometimes every 15-20 minutes, but she always does her business when I take her out. I guess I’m all out of suggestions.

    3. @Evonne Smith Marzieh was weird when she was a puppy and used to go potty at the foot of my easel (I am an artist) so I put my easel in a puppy playpen. That helped!
      Ingenuity is the key to training dogs in my experience.
      I am glad that the bells worked for you.

  3. Hello! I need help reading dogs’ body language. My new puppy wants to always play with my 3 year old dog and sometimes he wants to play, but other times I struggle to see if they’re playing rough or if my older dog is annoyed at the puppy

  4. My boyfriend’s dog is a mixed breed that he adopted from a shelter about four years ago. He is estimated to be 7-8 years old at this point. The dog has a history of a provoked bite involving a child. The dog pulls on the leash and goes absolutely bonkers when he sees another dog. He has attacked my older dog once, but for the most part, he tolerates my dog. I brought a puppy home a month ago and when my boyfriend and his dog come to visit, his dog growls at my puppy for no known reason. His dog has a strong dislike for the crate. We suspect separation anxiety, but we have to alternate crating the dogs at this point to keep the puppy safe. The puppy is six pounds and his dog is 27 pounds and could inflict serious harm. We need help!

    1. I absolutely adore my 12 week old Cockapoo puppy. She plays fetch, is learning to sit, is crate trained and potty trained. I’ve worked really hard with her. I’m so afraid I may not be able to keep her on account of how my boyfriend’s dog is with her. I am at a serious loss and would love your help.

    2. @Evonne Smith I think some dogs have problems with puppies. It’s surprising how many times my dogs have been attacked over the years when they were puppies but not when they were grown up. Jasper was attacked a few times by different dogs when he was a puppy. Fortunately he wasn’t affected by it and he never retaliated.
      Not that it’s much help but if you can manage for a few months perhaps it will stop.

    3. @Jen Kirby Unfortunately, this dog in particular is generally pretty dog aggressive. He goes to doggy day care Monday through Friday. Although he has a 27 pound dog, he is in the room with all of the big dogs and they refer to him as the boss dog. We have consulted a trainer and we are hoping that the trainer will be able to help us with the above mentioned issues.

  5. I need help with how to handle barking. My new puppy barks quite a bit and I’m not sure how to train quiet. My other dogs weren’t that barky.

  6. Worst dog problem I have now is with a neighbor who lets their poorly trained, dog reactive, pit bull run loose without a leash in our neighborhood. Yesterday, I had to scoop up our puppy during leash walk training to avoid an attack.

  7. Once my dog starts sniffing something on our walks, I can’t get him to stop and pay attention to me. We’ve done lots of “look at me” training. Also, pulling to see people/dogs when on leash.
    BTW, he’s 80lb and very strong.

    1. Me, too. All training on “look at me,” “sit,” “stay,” etc., is forgotten. The distraction of dogs, people, vehicles is too great. There is no toy or treat that comes close to getting my dog back to focusing on me. Yes, I know this means she needs more training on the basics. My dog will do these perfectly in the house, but take her outside with those distractions, and I lose her focus on me.
      I’d like to add training to stop chasing any vehicle on the street—car, bike, truck, etc. Again, too big a distraction to keep her attention on me. And it is the movement that gets her attention. Parked car, trucks, etc., — no problem. And I can’t have a moving vehicle in the house to use to train her. This is a big safety issue for us. She is firmly attached to me with a short lead when outside. Help! 🦮 🤨❤

  8. When my dog was about 2 she started freaking out if you move your feet next to her. She is totally fine then snaps and barks really loudly for like 2 seconds and then goes back to normal immediately. It is a real problem because she is very snuggly and will often try to snuggle up against people including their feet. A video on something like this would be amazing.

  9. My almost 3 year old rescue (lived in a shelter from 6 months old to 2 years and 2 months old) is really struggling with loud bangs – which unfortunately happen frequently in my area (military training grounds). It started when we were walking on a nearby lake and some gunshots were fired nearby. Ever since he gets quite scared after hearing gunshots even from a distance (wants to go home immediately and barely wants to leave the area around our building for the following 2-3 days).
    I have tried distracting him after he hears sounds at a distance (throw treats into the grass and have him sniff them out – he loves sniffing; try to initiate play) but with no success. Same for trying to comfort him.
    We have spent the winter out in the mountains in my caravan which has helped a lot to build confidence (e.g. he doesn’t get startled/scared by cars as much anymore) but unfortunately gunshots are still a big issue for him

  10. My dog is two and still puppy bites, he steals things off counters, i can’t leave him alone unless he is crated, he has so much energy and gets bored so quickly. I take him on walks, play and train with him every day, etc. It is just really discouraging how far we still have to go with him.

  11. Would love help on puppies with older dogs. Our older dogs gets understandably grumpy at our puppies energy level. We use tons of exercise to manage and have taught the pup to “go slow” around our older dog and she does this very well. But any advice on fostering their bond would be great.

  12. I need to know how to get my rescue, of almost 2 years, to trust me enough to be able to brush her without her running from me. Well, we should start with her letting me pet her. She is approximately 11 years old.

  13. My one year old dog has separation anxiety. I thought he was okay by himself because he is quiet when I leave and when I return, but my nanny cam sends notifications that he is barking, howling, and crying. I left him alone for 2 hours and got 86 notifications. I have tried cbd treats before leaving, training exercises, pheromones, and calming music. Nothing seems to help. I live alone so not leaving him alone sometimes is not feasible. I take him to doggie daycare during the day so I can go to work or run errands but I don’t have an option for nights. Help!

  14. I’d love to see more content on dealing with fearful, timid dogs who don’t have toy drive. I’ve figured out a lot of what works for my dog by trial and error, but there really isn’t much content that addresses the kind of fearful,shut down behavior he exhibited early on in our journey.

  15. I’d like some guidance on resource guarding and aggression issues. I have a 9 month old frenchie that started this behavior about a month ago. She runs her 5yo brother off if he even thinks about eating from his bowl. I feed them the same food/amounts and recently had to feed them in separate rooms to keep from her snapping

  16. I have three situations for starters – How to minimise our Jrt barking at everyone walking past the property; diffusing reactive dog interactions at the park; and barking at us if anyone leaves the house without them!

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