Mastering Real-World Socialization! Training my dog to be bear-proof!

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24 Comments on “Mastering Real-World Socialization! Training my dog to be bear-proof!”

  1. What a beautiful place! Can’t wait to see the frisbee training. I’ve been working on that with mild success, but I’d like to get better at it.

  2. The train situation with Veronica is exactly how I taught my GSD to not be afraid of fireworks. It was an odd situation in that the city shot the fireworks off over our back yard from the golf course so every year we stayed home and watched the fireworks with hoses hoping to not have our house catch on fire. My GSD in the first year destroyed part of our house from fear. So, this year, I put him in a harness with a lead and took him outside to watch the fireworks with us. I put him on a sit and stay right next to my lawn chair with a firm hold on his lead because this dog could scale a 7-foot fence like it was a foot tall. Then did exactly what you two did with Veronica and the train. At first, he was afraid, but as we watched them together and I encouraged him he calmed down and started to just watch them go up into the air then he would flinch a tiny bit before it exploded making the boom sound and then just watch them sparks float down with us. This was over-the-top fireworks show for any dog, because they were literally being shot from the 6th hole towards the 7th hole and our house was on the 7th hole of the golf course. But he settled way down, and we didn’t have to do any repairs or remodels to our house. We had to stay there because we had a wood shake roof on our house, and I don’t know why they city thought it would be a clever idea to shoot these things off over our backyard, but we had to have the hoses ready. It was crazy! I often wonder if any of them realized that if the fireworks burned down our 1890’s home that they would be liable for it? Either way, it was so helpful to our GSD because after than thunder and similar loud noises were no longer an issue for him.

  3. 😳relax? RELAX??!! IT’S A FREAKING GRIZZLY BEAR!! I’M the one who would need the training… forget the dog!!😱😭 HAALLLP!! It’s swimming toward me!!!!
    Also, great job Inertia and Veronica!

  4. I’d be keen to know which long leads you use? I’m trying to find a long line that is relatively light, won’t take on water and is easy to handle.

  5. Hi guys. QUESTION:
    Zak, I have a 2year old miniature schnauzer mix. This dog is in training to be a service dog for me and he’s already incredible at the tasks he does. But because I cannot walk very good I would love nothing more in the world than for my little guy to play with a ball to go play fetch with me or Chuck It so I can stand there and he can run and get the ball and bring it back, that is my dream. Now he knows how to get things and bring them to me so when I bring out a ball I can throw it throw it and he will go get it and bring it to me but not with any enthusiasm whatsoever. My question is, is there a way that you can teach a dog to learn to love to play fetch?

  6. Love seeing you work with your dogs. Your patience and positive attitude are inspirational! After a year of positive training, my SiT dog (who was very reactive for his first year) is doing great! Our new challenge is the dog influenza in our area:-( My boy is vaccinated, but my vet advised not taking him to any of our usual training/socialization spots.

  7. Love this video. Looking forward to more training adventures with Veronica. I loved your French Quarter videos with Inertia as she was growing up. Now that Veronica has seen bear and moose how will she react to a mule?

  8. Great to see Intertia and Veronica in a video again! Looking forward to seeing how you socialize Veronica to a city (guess you’re back in New Orleans?).

  9. Hey zak! In the past you have said how you don’t like prong collars, choke chains, or E/ shock collars. I totally agree with you as someone who has some experience training different dogs. Just wondering, what do you think about gentle leaders and slip collars? For me I’ve been using slip collars when I think it could be beneficial (including on my dog) and there is such an improvement with such a small amount of pressure in the correction. My dog is not very food or toy motivated even though I’ve tried so many different treats and toys, so just using small corrections with the slip collar and using my praise as a reward has worked so well for me when treats haven’t. I tend to stay away from harnesses too because I find they encourage the pulling and don’t allow me to communicate with the dogs(I tried to make it work but I never got results after 2 years with my first dog). Also I have come across a dog with a very sensitive stomach (she can only have her kibble at certain times a day or else she gets sick so she can’t have treats and can’t have kibble during training). For this I would use the same method with the slip collar and just using praise as the reward. What do you think about this? If you have a better solution than the slip collars feel free to share! I’m open to suggestions because at the end of the day I want what’s best for the dogs and I think that every dog is different, and requires a little bit of different training.

  10. Can’t you give other types of dog food or treats and things should work just as well? I’m mean this stuff is priced like giving your pup filet mignon

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