My Dog Takes Off and Won’t Come Back! How to Train Your Dog

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How to Teach Stay:

How to Teach Come when called:

How to Teach Your Dog Fetch Playlist:

39 Comments on “My Dog Takes Off and Won’t Come Back! How to Train Your Dog”

  1. This is very helpful! Thank you. We have problems with our dog finding other dogs too much of a distraction, and her recall fails around other dogs

  2. Get video, Zak! A puppy may be cold and most certainly misses her litter mates and her mom. They might try a ticking clock and a hot water bottle with warm water in it. 

  3. I don’t let my dog into a dog park until they feel neutral about other dogs. I usually avoid dog parks any way. I don’t like dog parks. It’s just too unpredictable who will walk in. 🙂 great video!!

    1. Aeryun Stocklein i used to feel like you until i found an awesome dog park in my area. Its so big and open, if a dog goes after mine he has enough room to run to me or run away from that dog. Its not fenced, but if your dog has a good recall reflex, its perfect.

  4. Yes, more Q&A please! Thanks to you, my doggie listens to me at the dog park because I trained her in different places before we ever went to the dog park! 🙂

  5. I wanted to thank you for this video. I also have a 10 week old puppy and your encouragements are getting me through the sleepless nights 🙂 My puppy also wakes up every 3 hours. I don’t feed him late at night but even that is not enough for her to sleep through the night. I have accepted this. I know it will get better and since she is my baby I try to be patient and play with her in the middle of the night. I know she will grow out of this habit. Because I plan my life around her needs, she rarely barks or cries and she has a very good relationship with me. We also never have any potty incidents because I can foresee when she needs to go and I supervise her constantly. I recommend everyone to be patient and attentive and they will get amazing results with time.

    1. First off, if you’re playing with her in the middle of the night, you’ve created a routine of her getting up to play, not to go relieve herself. How to break the habit? (here’s where I sound like Satan to some people) Crate train your dog. Done properly, and making sure that nothing bad will happen to her when she goes into her crate, her crate will become her bedroom. You can use a phrase like ‘go to bed’ and she, after training, will go into her crate, where she can be closed in for the night. By now, your dog is about 3 months old, and not needing to go outside every 3 hours. By now, your dog should be able to sleep through the night. But the crate can also be used for discipline, if it’s done properly. They have to ‘go to bed’, are then told ‘5 minutes’ and the crate door is left open.

  6. Zoe learned fetch with a ball that squeaks when she bites on it, therefore stimulating  her to continue playing with the ball after it landed and stopped moving. Eight years later, it’s till her favorite toy.

  7. Not to be negative or nitpicky, but this video shouldn’t be named this. It’s not a how to train your dog video. It’s a Q&A session with Zak George. I clicked this thinking I was going to receive some training advice and there was little advice upon how to actually train your dog to do anything. Sorry it just bugs me when something isn’t as expected, given it’s description or title. Great video though.

  8. This literally just happened to me I was sobbing and screaming my dogs name and she finally came back like 10 mins ago.THANK YOU EMMA:(

  9. Everyone keeps talking about their puppy running away or out of the door or gate. But my 2 year old beagle does that! ! He listens to me if hes hooked on a leash or in the house or yard but if he gets out of the gate on his own. Forget it! He’s in his own world!

  10. My puppy (5 months) runs away from me . She thinks it’s a game and when that happens she doesn’t listen to any commands . She just darts off . She was almost hit by a car . I had to pin her down and carry her back to the house .

    1. @stormy thx now I know to say NO! When my grandma thinks it’s a good idea to let my corgie Off leash when theres a road Everytime she’s ran away she’s almost got hit by a car u see my grandma thinks it’s a good idea to keep the door opened when she wants to talk to someone but there outside I know have to take her in our backyard on a long leash if she wants to go out because she escaped the backyard to and wouldn’t come back we had to use meat I,m done with taking risk now my grandpa Al thinks I worry much but I honestly don’t care I will continue holding her back from the front door when someone comes in I,m done I,m taking anymore chances

    1. I have an Akita and she takes off and ignores me when I call her. Treats don’t work, shock collar does not work. I’m not sure what to do.

  11. I watch all these videos so that I have an idea of how to go about a problem right away, while I’m trying to actually to train them to do a specific thing.

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