My dogs are never off leash until… #dogtrainer #dogtraining #puppytraining #leashtraining #offleash

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  1. I let my dogs off leash in an uncontrolled environment NEVER. First, I’ll admit it–I’m not that good a dog “trainer” (not a professional trainer). Second, the word “uncontrolled” is the key. Uncontrolled means that anything can happen and you have absolutely no control over it whatsoever. What happens if your dog is a good way away from you and a dog (or moose, or possum, or whatever) appears out of nowhere and goes after your dog? I want my dogs very close to me. Third, my fearful little girl would NEVER be off leash ever, even in a controlled environment. Something could frighten her and she’d bolt. When dogs are frightened, their cerebral cortex is “off line” and isn’t working. They are running for their lives as far as they’re concerned. Our little girl is “genetically” fearful–she was very well socialized and is much better than she was. If she’s in a frightened “state”, she won’t listen (few dogs will–they are just reacting and boogieing out of Dodge).

  2. Which type of long lead and length are you using with Veronica? I use a 15’ biothane leash for sniff walks, but would like a lighter weight (but still sturdy) long lead for this kind of training.

  3. I never let my dog off lead completely until she was about four years old and I knew I could pretty much trust her. She earned the right but she was also trained her whole life socialized taught manners and many other things. No dog is 100-percent my dog right now as she’s even older is probably 97% but I still keep a close eye out and I use her basic commands still while off lead such as wait, which means she is to stop and wait for me to catch up with her, turn around which means you supposed to turn around from wherever she’s at, stop which means she’s just to stop until I get to her. She’s a very reliable trained German Shepherd I call her the highly trained professional but even I don’t trust her 100% because I know that dogs are still animals. I never risk her safety for any reason and I know putting her in unfair situations is abusive. I set her up for success and I always have. I meet people in they say oh my gosh I want a German Shepherd just like yours I explained to them she did not come that way in fact when she was young she was kind of a terrorist LOL. She had normal puppy behavior but she was a genius on top of it. When she was in puppy kindergarten they wanted to use her as a demonstration dog they took her up front however she started doing all the commands before they asked her because she had memorized them all. They told me we cannot use her because she’s a genius LOL she graduated first in her class she’s always been a superstar

  4. a lot of people tell me to let my dog off lead and she’ll just “figure out how to behave”…. like no? that’s not fair on her. she’s a dog not a person. she’s safer on her 10m long line but still gets to run round.

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