My Puppy’s First Days of Training: Stop Biting, Crate Training, Come, Socialization: EP 4

Puppy Training continues! Working on puppy biting, crate training, come, polite greeting and more! Thanks for sponsoring this episode Pupford! CLICK HERE TO GET PUPFORD’S AWESOME FREEZE DRIED TRAINING TREATS:

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58 Comments on “My Puppy’s First Days of Training: Stop Biting, Crate Training, Come, Socialization: EP 4”

  1. Omg he has 2M subscribers!
    I am so grateful and your puppy is so cute
    I am always active and you’re the best trainer on YouTube
    I love you you are incredible and you helped me with all my puppies issues😊❤️

  2. I got my puppy a month ago and she’s a lovable bundle for sure! I can totally relate that puppy’s are such a handful! For me biting is a big problem, so with watching your videos it helped a lot thanks!!

    Edit: wow thanks for the likes 😄

    1. when my dog was a puppy and biting thing i just shoved a toy in his mouth when ever he did it. he learned quickly to not bite

    1. Marla Edington I would just get a trusted friend that can look after your dog when your gone, and find out how much you can train your dog and what you don’t have time for. Write down what you don’t have time for and how you would train your dog those things if you did have time. Ask your friend if they could teach them those things, and maybe pay them if necessary.

  3. This is THE BEST series ever. Why? REAL LIFE. Not just quick video clips but real time training with a real new puppy. It’s like reality tv on puppy training.

    I love those moments when it’s just not perfect and you just gotta go with the flow. When I watch edited videos where it seems like the puppy listened in 5 mins it just doesn’t seem realistic. THIS is just awesome to watch!! Thank you!!! 😀❤️👍🙌

  4. I hope you will still upload videos of when she hits the teenage period, because it can be a nightmare, but your videos have helped me so much with my puppy

    1. @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution , did you know that Pupford changed their formula on the meat treats, and they no longer list freeze-dried in the actual ingredients? They also use tocopherols instead of pea-protein to combine the treats, and many reviewers are saying their dogs don’t like them anymore. The only one I can see is still freeze-dried so far is the Sweet Potato ones. Just thought you should know, since they are still using your recommendation videos on their Amazon shops and it seems like an abuse of the trust people place in your recommendations, since it is no longer the same product you endorsed. (Excuse the duplicate post—-the main YouTube comment area wouldn’t let me tag you.)

  5. Clinging to these like a lifeline!! My 8 week German Shep mix can be so sweet one moment and a complete biting terror the next. I may not have toes by time the next episode is posted!! ; _ ; And now he’s gotten to where he snaps at treats so forcefully that I’m super timid when trying to train with him. HEEEELP.

    1. Zak did one video where he had the treat in his closed fist, which forced the bitey dog to start licking for the treat instead of biting/grabbing for it. While he slowly let the dog have the treat, he would repeat “Gentle” in a calm voice. I don’t know if you can find the video, but I found it very helpful.

    2. I am in week 20 with a very big boy who was a terrible biter. No aggressive biting, puppy chewing but his teeth are like razors and my arms were sliced to ribbons. The key is to walk away…even shut a door to get away. Leave him alone for even a minute. Being cut off from you is the biggest “punishment” for being bad. Mine learned very fast. You have to have zero tolerance for biting on you. Walk away. When he plays nice, dish out the rewards. And always, always, always keep something hand to stick in his moth as a substitute and prasise immediately when he bites the toy. He will learn fast thst biting you means no attention, biting the toy is good. Mine is a German mix too so I really understand.

  6. you deserve more subs, i got a puppy at 2 weeks old, the people whom i got her from said she was being rejected by her mom, i had to bottle feed her and by 4 weeks she basically refused her bottle and started puppy food. now at 6 weeks she now is healthy and i started training with your methods. she learned sit in five mins and she is now learning other puppy stuff and tricks. she is a pittbull terrier/lab mix. she went from sleeping alot, to biting/teething alot, to now a obedient sometimes teething on other but toy puppy. thank you

    1. @deathwing015 playz you sound like a very caring and patient person. The world needs more people like you, those who accept others for who they are. Very good for you!

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