My RECIPE for training this REACTIVE DOG! (Dutch Shepherd Transformation)

In this video, I deconstruct what I did during this two-week Board & Train with Kona, a Dutch-Shepherd who came to use with reactivity issues.

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32 Comments on “My RECIPE for training this REACTIVE DOG! (Dutch Shepherd Transformation)”

  1. Away for 15 hours ?? I had to rewind that part to listen again, thought I heard it wrong. Can’t believe that someone can actually leave their dog at home for 15 hours !

    1. I was really upset by that…why do people get dogs if they don’t have the time for them…for me 5 hours is maximum anything over that and you’ll need someone to take care of the dog while you’re at work

    2. @Vegan Power Couple how ironic, vegan? It would be less cruel to eat the dog then leave it in that crate for more then 2 hours…. I think you should rethink your life fillosophy,

  2. Amazing transformation. A working dog needs a job, it’s that simple! 🙂 Away for 15 hours! He needs a dog walker! Hope you sent a message to the owners about this too! 🙂

    1. Well, it kind of sounds like it, which means that the training was all for nothing and even worse: You gave that dog hope, that now everything would change and he would have an awesome life, just to put him back in this sh**hole of a “home” again… this is messed up in so many ways.

    2. @Maria H that is how it is! And if the training is giving the dog the things he basically needs on a day to day basis, can you call it training? I find it sad to see a beaten down dog walk like that

  3. How did you put boundaries in between you two? I have a pushy/demanding gsd 24/7 wants my attention by barking, biting, and jumping up in my space of the couch or bed.

    1. To stop this you have to ignore the behavior which is not over the top, and try to give another thing in which he/she can release its energy. Other then that it is sometime necessary to confine them to their own space for a short while

  4. The dog need active owners, these dogs will run all day. My Dutchie loves to hike and run. With out that she gets ticked off, daily activity is needed

  5. you said “15 hours at a time” pretty nonchalantly.. I really hope you as the trainer understand and told the owners that is not okay whether he’s in a crate or not.. also just a tip less talking more doing. good educational video tho!

  6. 15 hours alone? I have a Dutch shepherd, this are working dogs you can not leave alone that long. Well no dog you can leave alone that long. Love your training method

  7. Do you have any videos or articles with extra information on putting boundaries on “your own space” as mentioned at 2:45? I don’t have one yet, but I’m on an adoption wait list and trying to gather all the information I can! Thank you!

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