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41 Comments on “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: The FIRST Things to Teach Your NEW PUPPY! (EP: 3)”

    1. Hi, I make videos with my dogs. I know it’s annoying seeing self promoting comments but please spare a second to check them out. Feel free to dislike the videos if you don’t enjoy them, and subscribing is not required either. 💕

  1. Getting my puppy this Friday:D he’s a weenie dog and I bet as stubborn as the best of em! BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP AND MALE HIM AS GOOD AS INERTIA USING YOUR TIPS ZAK! 😀

    1. Is “MALE HIM AS GOOD AS…” a slang or merely a typo? (English is my second language, and I have never heard of this phrase before.). Do you mean “MAKE HIM AS GOOD AS…”?! If yes, please proofread in the future for second language learners.

    2. HI TECTONE!! I was so shocked to see you here! X’D Just found this channel and I must say, I love Zak George’s videos! They’re so helpful and enjoyable to watch ☺️ Sorry about not getting the puppy tho;;

    1. @I love Animals my mom have refused even the ide of having a dog so even after 10 years of begging still didn’t get one. But then my parents got divorced and I convinced my dad to get a poodle and we’re getting one in March. Don’t give up!

  2. we just brought our 8 week labradoodle puppy home and oh boy did she throw some curveballs at us
    these videos are always so helpful and i can’t thank you enough!

  3. Me and my spouse are getting our first puppy in a month ❤️ I have been binging your videos religiously, I want to be the best owner possible! I hope you know how valuable your videos are and how much they help people, keep doing what you are doing 😊

  4. I’m getting a new puppy in December and I can’t stop watching your videos! They are so helpful and a motivation to train your dog/puppy the best and heartfelt way possible – without using strong, negative-toned language!

  5. Kona is SO smart! And she seems to have this calm, almost solemn air about her, unlike Inertia who, though also very smart, used to appear a little hyper, goofy, and all over the place (in the cutest way) when she was a young puppy 😂

  6. Hi Zak, is it possible for you to make a video where you show a day in the life with Inertia? What you do with her on a regular basis? From when you wake up till you go to bed? What do you train with her, how many walks do you go, how much fetch are you playing, you name it! I would love to see that and get inspired with my own dogs, to see what you do with Inertia 😀🐶❤️

  7. Zak, you really are the best of the best! I love how honest you are and you show the little mistakes that could happen along the way, no matter how on top of things or well trained YOU are. Also, I love that you allow all dogs to be dogs. You let them trample you sometimes and jump up and little things like that. I really hate it when people don’t let their dogs be dog. You show the perfect balance of training your dog REALLY WELL and still letting them be silly and goofy and do dog things

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