**NEW SERIES!**The FIRST 24 HOURS with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED Pit Bull [Reality Dog Training Episode 1]

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34 Comments on “**NEW SERIES!**The FIRST 24 HOURS with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED Pit Bull [Reality Dog Training Episode 1]”

    1. Yes, he can, but the nay-sayers will say “I could do it in 5 minutes with heavy distractions”. Maybe, but they’d have to completely shut the dog down and that will only backfire later on (say when the dog goes to a new home and then goes right back to the shelter).

    1. Yes, the “ideal” situation is to foster the dog and then find a good home for him or her. But every once in a while, a dog comes along that just pulls on your heart strings in the right way and you just can’t say good-bye. And that’s okay, too. We’ve had more than one of those.

  1. Zak, can you make a video about traveling with a dog in the future? Like by airline, car, first aid, etc,… for example how did you take inertia to Alaska!

    1. I am interested in this also. I am a healthcare traveler and my dog travels with me. She is great but there is always something to learn for us both!

  2. TIP! Hey for the collar scratching some pitbulls skin is very sensitive I had my pitbull on one and changed it to a leather collar and no more scratching !

    1. That’s one reason we do “breed” rescue. We know when there is a suspected Dane or Wolfhound in the shelter and we usually ask the shelter folks to bring the dog out to us (and most comply). I think if I had to walk back to where all the dogs were, I’d either just melt into a puddle and cry or say “I’ll take that one, and I’ll take that one, and oh, by all means, I’ll take that one….” .

  3. I know the dogs don’t understand it but the fact that you address George as ‘Sir’ and Moira as ‘Ma’am’ every so often subtly emphasizes to the humans watching that the foundation of your relationship is always respect.

    1. Yessss!! So excited for this 😍 can see so many similarities with my bully breed, she’s strong and loves to please so she’s highly trainable but the pulling can be really bad and she’s not even as big as George!! 😅😅

  4. George is such a sweet boy, I can see how it was easy to fall in love with him right away! I won’t lie, I hope he found his forever home with you guys. I can’t wait to see where this series goes.

  5. I was afraid that this series would be too similar to Moira but after seeing that first walk I knew this was going to be a wild ride! Can’t wait to see how this series progresses

  6. I swear, we rescued “George’s” twin in November – same breed, same coloring, same loveable and exhausting untrained behaviors…looking forward to this series!

  7. I volunteer at a big shelter in California. I mentor canine foster families and Zak’s channel is the first link I send out to them when they bring their foster home. I love Zak’s training methods and that he also shows his own mistakes. We get so many pitties at the shelter and I couldn’t wait for this series to start. Thanks Zak!

    1. I would love to see that! I’m trying my best to convince Zak that it’s perfectly okay to be a “foster failure” and that everybody “fails” like that every once in a while.

  8. As a dog fosterer from the UK the trailer put tears in my eyes, totally feel your heartache. But thank you so much for helping him, really looking forward to seeing the journey! 🥰

    1. It takes a very strong person to foster animals, I couldn’t do it because I’d fall in love too easily and keep them all lol. Fostered once already and totally failed.

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