Reacting to my MOST VIEWED VIDEOS…Way too many of you are watching this…

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26 Comments on “Reacting to my MOST VIEWED VIDEOS…Way too many of you are watching this…”

  1. Hello Zak!! Just wanted to say thank you because I’m so appreciative of your videos and because of you I got my very first puppy Skye!! She’s now 1 and very knowledgeable and knows lots of cool tricks and your inertia series helped lots!!! I’m so excited as we have just agreed to get a German shepherd puppy in next year, because of how well I trained Skye thanks to you x

  2. Though I found these videos a bit late , it helped me to see much from a different point of view . Many trainers only talk “from the outside” , but they don’t have “it” in their heart . The love to dogs , the deep understanding of their real feelings !

  3. i love the series you do today because they show the progress of the dogs and it also shows the bonds growing between the dogs and the people which is amazing to watch. i love how you very much stress the bond between dogs and people, it’s super cool❤️🐾

  4. Thank you both for putting so much work into creating the content that you do. You’ve taught me everything I know about training, and it’s made me a much more capable puppy parent. You are my go-to, always, when I need advice to help our babies be the most well-adjusted, happiest puppers they can be. Also, have been LOVING all the new series. 🥰

  5. I’ve learned a ton from your videos already, I can’t wait to find out how much more I’ll have learned when I actually get my dog… In like 5 more years :’)

  6. These video series, especially George and Moira have helped me an incredible amount with my dogs and makes the training a difficult dog feel less impossible 🙂 keep it up Zak and Bree!

  7. The more I watch you two together Zak & Bree, the more I appreciate & trust your integrity & methods of training.
    I am 63, & getting a new puppy after loosing my 14 year old rescue Pup 18 months ago, and thinking I would not have another dog. However, I was just to lonely! I looked for another rescue pup, but at my age, a large dog, (which is mostly what I was seeing near me) were more then I felt confident I could provide a good quality of life for. Dogs I was interested in, were always far away from me and seldom were they available to me for various reasons. Finally, “I Bit the Bullet,” so to speak, and did the unthinkable! I looked for, and found a Breeder many states away, who I was confident I could trust & work with to bring home our new family member. Here I am a 20 months later, excitedly watching pups grow from the litter I will choose from in a few weeks, waiting to bring home our new dog. Our 9 grandkids are out of this world excited to meet our new family member too! I am excited, a bit anxious, but feeling some confidence, thanks to your videos and both your books. I have had time to plan, purchase, and prepare necessities to train this pup with love. I watched your videos for months, and the first week in November, we will finally meet our pup! I think I have a new Veterinarian (closer to my home,) since I used a Vet 70 miles from us, because I trusted them wholeheartedly. However, I am older now and driving 140 miles to the Vet in the winter, just does not seem safe anymore. We live in a state that has Summer & WINTER ……Enough said…
    I just wanted to sincerely THANK YOU both for your awesome manner of calmly building my confidence with your common sense, humane methods even a layman like me, can apply to my precious & already well loved Pup….(EVEN though I have not chosen him or her from the Litter yet! LOL….God Bless You Both! Keep pumping those Videos out!

  8. Looking forward to the next series so much! George was amazing but I constantly had to remind myself not to compare my rescue dogs progress rate to George! Looking forward to the next one! 🥳🥳

  9. One of the things I love about super chewed is that you can customize the box. My dog doesn’t like most treats and chews so they send me 4 toys and no chews/treats! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. While we were on a wait list for our puppies (burner and an Aussie) we watched more of your videos than we can count. Your Inertia series has been a Godsend. They are just about 8 months old and everyone comments on how wonderfully behaved our boys are. Thank you SO MUCH!!
    Also! I would love to see a video on why you “left” the tv show. I’m so curious now lol

  11. Keep the adopted dogs updates? What about the others?

    Also, love more reaction videos and would like the background of your TV show. How did you get into dog training initially?

  12. The reality dog training videos are SO helpful, because they show how you work through and adapt in moments when the dog is misbehaving or not ‘understanding’ what you want. It shows in real time how to communicate with the dog. It also helps to see how you make basic commands harder by trying them in new situations

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