Real Life Reactive Dog Update 🫣 #dogtraining #dogtrainer #reactivedog #reactivedogtraining #dogs

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  1. this is the biggest struggle I’m having with my puppy. she is a 9 month old japanese spitz and my autism service dog prospect I’m owner training.

    she loves people and dogs but very often grows and barks at people/dogs in the distance, particularly outside my house or at the park. she doesn’t do it in busy areas like the pet store/training centre i suspect this is because it’s consistently busy so she doesn’t get startled.

    It’s very hard to train out because it’s self-rewarding and she doesn’t care about ANY food when there’s something to bark at. also it’s hard to desensitize to when i can’t control the triggers (because it’s just ppl going about their day and they move)

    i always reward good behavior with praise ans treats and play, point out possible triggers and explain them, act calm and happy, place myself between her and the trigger, move away if it’s too much and redirect her staring before she barks by calling her and throwing a toy. but sometimes people sneak up on us or i just can’t calm her down.

    she doesn’t act scares or agressive really, it just seems like general overarousal. it startes pretty suddenly at 6 months even though i socialised her pretty well.

    it makes me so nervous because she’s my first dog and my only shot at getting a service dog. i don’t want to reinforce her by moving away from the trigger if that’s what she wants. i don’t think punishment will do anything but increase her arousal and she’s not extremely food motivated right now. advice please 😭

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