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  1. Yeah I got this a lot too when I show people videos of my rabbit hazel doing tricks. I honestly wasn’t very patient with him but since he learned so easily it just looked like I was😅

  2. It takes alot of time to undo the damage that can be done when you are not patient with the dog in the first place. Pushing the dog too hard can cause fear, and it takes alot more time to undo that damage than it would take to slowly and patiently condition your dog to the world, working at the dogs pace. Zak, as always, you are right on the mark. Thank you for what you are doing!

  3. True. And still I find myself in circumstances where I don’t seem to have enough patience. Bathing our puppy for example… I think I need to stretch that process over at least two weeks with every day steps closer to the goal… Oh my…

  4. I’m smart enough to know that dogs don’t come into our world knowing what we want, and I’m smart enough to know it would be like me going to a foreign country therefore I take the time they need …I expose them and socialize them properly when they are young, then 90% of the problems aren’t even there to fix. I also honor their dogness. I love my GSd fearlessly, she is my souls dog..she is not a fur “baby” we do dog things..long walks, lots of sniffing, seek and find games, mental work, interaction with other stable dogs. I would never try to make her human by smothering her dog.

  5. hey i want to get a puppy but I’m going to be at school most of the time, and someone will be home all day but I’m scared the puppy will get attached to the person at home instead of me, what should I do?

    1. Let it happen. You should adopt a dog for the sake of giving a sheltered, locked up dog a home and the opportunity to do things they never could in their shelter cage, not for your own benefit, even if that can come as a side effect. It’s a good thing that someone will be at your home; this way, the dog won’t be lonely. If they get attached, you’ve given the dog a friend. It’s a wonderful thing. And it doesn’t have to be you. And as someone who is not around the house as much as others in my family, my dog still loves me so much. Give them the attention that their at home caregiver might not, ei spoil them with as many walks and as much play time as possible, and you can still be the favorite to them 😉

  6. You are amazing! I am struggling to always be patient with my puppy… but I’m following your advice. Thank you for sharing the “average “ Patience. It’s very validating and supportive. Thank you!

  7. Well, I’m of the opinion rushing anything usually yields unfavorable results. It’s normal to be frustrated in between but sticking it out and doing the needful is often rewarding.

  8. I’ve been following your advice since 2015 when I first got my dog and I’ve now applied all of it to cat training. Patience truly is the fastest way to teaching something; pushing and anxiety can hinder your progress. True for dogs, REALLY true for cats.

  9. I agree. I wasn’t patient with my lady dog and it took me a very long time to train her.

    I have my current dog 19 months and I have her a lot more trained than my last dog ever was. No matter how frustrated I feel I don’t show it and I’m very patient with my dog. Sometimes I feel like shouting at her but I don’t.

    With my current dog I’ve followed your training advice along with a few others. I’ve gotten very very far with her. Most people when they see how well trained I have her can’t believe that I have never brought her to a dog trainer.

    In fact I was talking to a woman two days ago telling me you can’t let that breed of dog off the lead because they never come back. I showed her a video of me and my dog in a park and my dog off the lead going about 10 foot ahead then waiting and then she went into bushes about 60 foot away then come back toe. If she runs after something I just have to call her name on e and she will be back to me.

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