STOP Puppy Biting With These 7 Rules For Training

Puppy biting is a pretty common challenge for a new puppy owner. Puppy biting can actually be stopped a lot more easily than most people realize. It's important that before you focus on the actual training through the nuisance behavior, that you are realizing all of the things that you're doing that are giving your puppy opportunities to make these bad choices. You'll be able to stop puppy biting sooner if you follow these 7 rules for puppy training!

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50 Comments on “STOP Puppy Biting With These 7 Rules For Training”

    1. Hello the greatest results that I have ever had was by following the Bevs Booster Guide (just google it) – I found it the most helpful natural method that I’ve tried.

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  1. Wow this lady actually gave some pointers on what to do to correct the problem. Everyone else just tells u to not allow it and they forget to tell me how to correct it!!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! You saved my sanity. I applied the three biting videos to my 11 week old golden and she stopped biting in 2 days! She also learned sit, lay down and leave it using the same principles in 3 days! I am amazed!!! God bless you!

    1. @Wade Hoyt Milo still bites but it’s in a situation where is very easy to ignore, I know when he’s going to start wanting to munch on my arm I can’t easily move away and he won’t follow 😂 and he knows to go get a toy if he wants to play instead of just biting my toes😂😂 and he’s almost 10 months it’s crazy how fast it went…how’s it going for you?

    1. @Judy Ives yes! My 8 year old already has learned “drop it”. All I had to do was play tug of war, when I want him to let go I grab the toy at both side of his mouth and stop pulling and moving it around and say “drop it” -after a couple seconds of him trying to get it away from me, he realizes the game is no longer fun and let’s go. I then praise him and give him lots of pets and go back at it

  3. I thought that leashing my 10 wek old pup while running around indoors seemed ridiculous but I tried it and it’s really working. I didn’t realize how often I was redirecting him with my hands and my feet which caused more biting. He’s so much calmer now that I can just pick up the leash. duh

  4. German Shepard puppy in crate- I’ll cry all night
    Owner- he is in prison and doesn’t need to be, come on the bed.
    German Shepard puppy- knew it!
    Owner- knew it!

    1. @Erick A. i got a beagle mixed with cocker spinal. His 15 weeks and just be wilding. Love him to death. But needs to chill on the biting.

  5. OMG this works so well. My 11wk old has been somewhat a nightmare with biting. I began this yesterday and am already seeing a significant improvement. I cannot thank you enough. S

  6. Whoever have a thumbs down is either brain dead or jealous. As a 25+ years animal trainer, these are great videos. Not only are they appropriate and obviously proven, the explanations are so clear and to the point for any level owner to have as a training resource. I am a breeder and am very glad to have these to point puppy families to.

  7. Lets be honest everyone, we are all watching this video only because our doggos are asleep. Great video though, hope it works on my little devil 🐕

  8. My puppy is nowhere near this calm, he goes psycho if I try and grab his collar when he’s in his mood….if you want a crazy pup to do a video with…mines free😊🐶

  9. We were total rookies when we got a Border puppy. We loved having such a smart dog, but he was definitely using all those smarts to try to train us. I wish we had had these videos back then. I would never take on another Border Collie without being prepared to do this kind of training! Thank you for doing these!

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