Teach YOUR Dog to LOVE Getting a Bath!

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Lots of us have dogs that are not fond of getting a bath. I am asked about the best way to get your dog comfortable with taking a bath! Piper the adorable Australian Shepherd puts on a great show in my new video!

55 Comments on “Teach YOUR Dog to LOVE Getting a Bath!”

  1. Really great video!! I love your videos. Always helpful and realistic. My dog hates the bath so much , I will try to do as you show. Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you! I think it is so important to feature dogs new to the skill we are teaching. Glad you enjoy the videos!

  2. Great video! I especially like that you stress the importance of taking the time to let your dog adjust and staying positive. Always enjoy your videos! 

  3. I get my dog to wait for me when we come back from a walk, incase I need to bath her, but when she gets dirty she doesn’t stay very well and when she is clean she will wait for me!

  4. The only part my puppy likes when taking a bath is the drying part. He just stands there with this joyful face, I wish he was like that when the water is running -.-

  5. Piper is such a lovely dog!
    My old dog (RIP) had a phobia of being in water due to a puppyhood trauma, but with patience, positive training methods and trust-building even he came to be totally comfortable with bath time.

  6. Have been watching a lot of your videos and they have helped us so much in training our Chiweenie. She’s a rescue; she was only 3 pounds when we got her and has topped out at eight pounds on her first birthday – today. We’re retired and wanted a small, manageable pup. Have had many dogs and each one is different and all have been lovies. Thank you so much for the good work that you do. I’m sure most of us would be clueless without your encouraging and spot-on training videos. Even if we have had many dogs, they are as individual as people.

  7. My dog still isn’t very fond of baths but she is slowly getting used to it. I am going to try to take it more slowly and see if it will help. Your videos are very helpful.

  8. My dog rolled in cow poop and urgently needed a bath. I ended up rubbing cream cheese all over the shower walls. He was so busy licking, I don’t even think he noticed that he was having a bath

    1. Exactly. We didn’t bath them for two months because we wanted to make it perfect so they were never scared. Now I get in the bath with them, in my bathing suit, with lots of treats and water proof toys, and my wife washes them while I play with them. They love it.

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