Teaching a Doodle to Stop Pulling on the Leash!

In this episode, Natalie works with Oliver the Doodle to teach him leash pressure during his walks.

2:22 – Private Lesson Begins
2:56 – Walking behavior before
4:30 – "Be prepared for some struggle"
5:10 – Reading the dog's body language
6:59 – Never stop your walk
8:00 – Getting the dog into follower mode
8:55 – Don't name it until you love it
11:30 – Leash Management
16:00 – Lesson conclusion

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28 Comments on “Teaching a Doodle to Stop Pulling on the Leash!”

  1. This is the best video I’ve seen that teaches leash pressure. Wow. I feel like I just graduate school. The information was so good! Wow. I’m study this video and hopefully I can teach my dog a few things.

  2. If the dog knew a marker word would you start to name the behavior earlier or is it still best to wait to introduce the behavior name until the dog has a better concept of it?

    1. It’s truly hard to give a good answer as everything with dog training is very situational. I suppose the best answer is to use your discretion, which is why I go by the philosophy, “Don’t name it until you love it!”

  3. Very good video👍🏻 are you using a slip lead here? At what age is it ok to use slip lead on a puppy? My dog is now 5 months old she is a Rottweiler

  4. You are awesome! I have watched several dog trainers and i really like your way of communicating with the dogs and your human audience 🙂 Really good, informative videos Natalie!

  5. I have a doodle who likes to pulling. I love how you explain what you do on this video! I’ll definitely try this with my 4 month doodle 🙂

  6. Best training video for leash pulling I’ve found so far! Gonna try this with my puppy who keeps pulling and sitting down refusing to walk haha. Hopefully will work!

  7. what if the dog gets hyper fixated on the other dogs and starts barking at them when they see that they’re not gonna get to play?? …that’s what my dog does and I’m having a lot of trouble getting her to focus on me

    1. That’s leash reactivity and requires behavior modification. Canine Performance (Natalie’s business) has an online training platform that is super helpful, and also offers virtual sessions.

    2. Find a dog you know/trust and play red light/green light…..how old and what breed? This will need to be corrected as reactivity can lead to aggression very quickly…if its wanting to play thats another story but unacceptable and needs a well timed NO and correction to stop this behavior…every time!!

  8. Loving your videos!! My wife and I are dog trainers in LA and practice the same ideals, it’s so refreshing seeing more truly balanced trainers!

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