The BIGGEST Mistake People Make When Leash Training A Dog

In this video, you are going to learn about the biggest mistake that dog owners make when it comes to leash training a dog. You're going to learn how changing the rules along your walk can actually reinforce for your dog all of the high expectations that you have for them. By setting them up to have a couple of different rule sets. you can actually accomplish a few different goals. You will be able to make progress with your training, allow them to get some exercise, and have a functional way to navigate through the world with a dog who LISTENS when you need them to!

Leash Respect Training:

Name/Control Training:

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28 Comments on “The BIGGEST Mistake People Make When Leash Training A Dog”

    1. @trikebum and that makes total sense. When it come to safety it’s entirely up to you. I have taught my dog to walk on both sides because we do agility. So there is no right or wrong way to walk a dog, unless you’re competing in a show of course.

    2. My puppy pulls on the leash and starts gagging and looks like she’s throwing up..? We are getting her a harness, so I think it will be fine but it’s really weird

    3. Not sure if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

  1. Hmm, well I find it hard to walk with my Jack Russell when he is checking me like that. I end up falling over him. And a good run is important for him too.

    1. That’s right, JenMorr! As long as you’re getting a good response from him, using a long-line is a great way to allow him a little more freedom without the risk of teaching him any bad habits! Have fun with the process! Thanks for watching ~Ken

  2. This video auto played on my tv this morning and I’m so glad it did! My dog always pulls in front of my apartment’s main office building because he can see the glass jar of treats in the foyer. I used the recall techniques during our afternoon walk and it was effective and empowering! I recalled him three times by his name and each time he came back for the treat. It was a thing of beauty. After treat #3 he stayed close to the left with a huge smile on his face all the way back home. We will keep using this strategy. Thank you!

  3. I like your approach. I started thinking your way becuase i find it meets expectations for a breed like a husky, which i find harder to constantly be at my side

  4. Thank you for the clearest explanation and demonstration I have ever seen on this subject. I have attended dog training classes for years and never got such a good explanation.

  5. I live in FL. and am a Puppy Raiser for a guide dog organization. We do go out in the rain ( not thunderstorms) and work. I loved this, but I would need a heavier coat😂brrr. Thanks guys! Looked like tons of fun!!

  6. Thank you for not adding music to the background of most of your instruction on this video. It really helped me process more easily what you’re doing and saying.

    1. If your pup is 10 weeks old you should probably be training off leash first I find it’s a lot easier to get them to walk nice on leash if they can do it without a leash unless you have really hyper pup that doesn’t have good focus you will have a really hard time trying to get them to pay attention at the task at hand

  7. Now that my dog walks close and to my right she gets atleast 1 hr of walk instead of 5 mins and im able to take her along many places. And she loves it.

  8. Years ago I trained my “difficult” dog using techniques similar to this…we were very successful, and it was a very rewarding experience for both me and my dog! We both gained confidence and formed a great bond between us.

  9. I don’t have a dog. But always wanted one. Videos like this are letting me dream easyer, i am imagining how i would teach my imaginary dog. Ah, the joy of it

  10. One of then things I struggle with when training my dog in obedience is thinking of a way to distinguish formal heeling training from casual walks. I’ll definitely be trying this method

  11. I’m about to meet two puppies new to my partner – we’ve been apart since January – and this is super helpful in prepping me to train them 🙂 thanks

  12. Thank you! One of the first training vids I have seen where the dog doesn’t have to stay at your side the whole time, but is still under your leadership 🙂

  13. Absolutely Spot On! When you “walk” your dog, it’s basically for him/her. A dog’s natural abilities allows him/her to take in all the scents on the walk, which some times means your comfortable “pace” is not the same as your dog’s. Give your dog a break and let him/her walk at its own pace. By allowing this freedom you will get more positive responses from your dog when you introduce commands. Never use the leash or the command “heel” in a negative way.

    I am often asked by my Canine Obedience students – How to I keep my dog in the “Heel” position when doing an on-leash walk? My answer is “Why do you want to?” The walk is basically for your dog, not you. There are techniques for keeping your dog at heel but these don’t help in developing a strong bond between the two of you, where all your dog wants to do, is please you. The key to Obedience is having your dog seeing you as “the only game in town”. Work on achieving this!

    Enjoy your time with your dog and make sure that your dog is enjoying it as well.

  14. I appreciate you guys, ALL your videos and ALL your staff. I get my pup in 3 weeks, so excited (mixed with a lit of fear) but I know we’ll be OK. Thanks again.

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