The MOST IMPORTANT Thing I Train ANY DOG, and It’s EASY!

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20 Comments on “The MOST IMPORTANT Thing I Train ANY DOG, and It’s EASY!”

  1. What a great idea of traveling while training. I’m still working on how nutty just my neighborhood can be – especially with my reactive rescue (border collie/Australian shepherd) Heavens! Veronica & Inertia are so precious! 🐕 🐶 . Safe travels!

  2. This was a really interesting post, Zak and Bree! And the thumbnail makes Inertia look like she’s the size of an Irish Wolfhound! Not only did you fit in great dog training, you also fit in a bit of information about other animals and our country. Great job! I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

  3. Love animals. Also really appreciate your videos of the nature, esp the mountains, you’re passing through! Plus free dogtraining advice. (Although my chihuahua is doing pretty good there’s always more to learn.) What’s not to love!😁. Thanks guys! Greetings from (a very flat) Netherlands!🌷

  4. Thanks for another great training video! I’ll be getting my new puppy in October and can wait to try your methods in training her to be a well behaved social dog. She’s a mini schnauzer and I’ve had exclusively schnauzers in the past. I know with patience and diligence I can overcome the “barky von schnauzer” reputation and have a dog that loves new people and places. Keep the videos coming!!😍😍

  5. your videos are so awesome. my family has had a cat for 9 years and we will be getting our first dog together soon, your videos have helped so much to prepare. you guys make a great team!

  6. Most dogs are natural swimmers. But it is always good to be there to help them out the first few times so their first experience is not a bad one. My little westipoo likes to go on my paddle board with me.

  7. I signed up for Pupbox because of one of your videos and we got the same exact toys in our pup box this month!! Thanks for creating great videos and I loved that you visited my lovely state of Colorado! Safe travels!

  8. Love seeing you and Bree training the dogs together and talking together about the road trip and the dog training it’s really refreshing. I love this series where you’re traveling, stopping at different sites hanging out in the trailer which is a cool trailer by the way. And just seeing how you are handling and training the dogs. I wish this series could continue for a very long time the travel part makes it so interesting and enjoyable. All right guys see you in the next one. Thank you for making the post I would have not seen this video.

  9. this might be my favourite episode yet! the sheer variety of experiences Inertia and Veronica get to experience makes me want to make plans for when i get my future puppy so that it’ll be able to enjoy the world like that. i also love birdwatching, so being able to have a dog calmly around wildlife would be so amazing.

  10. Yay, a new video! It was great watching you work with both of your babies together. We got to see what the final result should look like with Inertia and how to get to that result with Veronica. I hope you give up more videos like this.

  11. Great video! I love seeing your adventure it’s so fun, interesting and informative! I can’t wait for Veronica’s breed reveal, I see hunting dog in her all the time she’s fearless and full of energy but super trainable too 😍

  12. I was born and raised very close to the area in Colorado you were in. And went to college in Wyoming. The weather can always be crazy within those parts! Such a cool experience for you and your pups!!

  13. I love this series so much for so many reasons! 1. Bc we travel with our schnauzer, and this is a great reminder in what to brush up on. 2. Bc HOW BEAUTIFUL!!

  14. It’s dog training and National Geographic all at once! Seriously, I was experiencing Wild Kingdom flashbacks. Not sure if you guys get the reference as I’m a decade plus your senior. 😉 Great episode, guys!

  15. I live in the rocky mountains. What a wonderful experience with and for you and your dogs. I love your films at different places. Thank u for taking us with you guys

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