THE TRUTH: We are Leaving Our Dogs Behind in ALASKA.

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32 Comments on “THE TRUTH: We are Leaving Our Dogs Behind in ALASKA.”

    1. Honestly my gut reaction to clickbait titles is to dislike the video, even if the content is good. If they misuse the title, I can misuse the dislike button 🤷🏽‍♀️

    2. Yes. I’m just here to complain about the clickbait, give it a thumbs down, and leave. If it continues I’ll unfollow, wich is a shame because I like the content.

    3. Haha I often click sooner because of them for sure. Otherwise I’ll tend to plan to go back but that doesn’t really help Zach if I don’t, right.

  1. Always enjoy your training. I miss your traditional content without the silliness, but that’s just me. Still hanging in to try to learn. Take good care always.

  2. Thanks for all the free content about training dogs and sharing all the challenges of it!. Thanks to your recommandations our puppy is learning so much 😍🐕

    1. They have a patreon too,I believe. I’m going to start trying to contribute monthly. This is a great thing that they’re doing and I hope their training style encourages others to treat their own dogs more kindly.

  3. It’s insane how much time you have to put in for training a puppy. That’s what this channel has taught me. Putting in the work and teaching with positive reinforcement is worth it.

  4. This is really helpful to hear because I’m training my dog right now but I’ve traveled with him ever since he was a puppy and it’s really difficult to decipher what he needs trained on because he was good in some ways on the road but now in a house he has a lot of problems I didn’t see and on top of that he has a problem I did know he had.

  5. I’m loving watching your adventures and daily life along with your training and we love our SuperChewer Box! We got that glow-in-the-dark ghost toy in our Halloween Box! I’ll admit that I’ve used a bungee leash with my dog before for similar reasons to the ones Bree mentioned (though my dog is much bigger.) But it’s definitely contextual and I mostly use a regular 6 foot leash. Is there any reason why Inertia doesn’t wear a harness? I’m only asking because Veronica wears one so I’m curious about the thought process. Keep up the great work! 💜

  6. Great video. I always learn something new. Soon I’ll be inheriting my son’s 2 year old dog. So I may have to go back to the basics 😬 Thru your vids I’ve been able to train my 2 year old dog amazing well. Hope I can do the same with my son’s dog🤞

  7. I’m really looking forward to the videos on how to train them to be happy at home alone! We just got a 5-month-old golden retriever who is so adorable and loving but we’re still afraid of The Next Step I’m leaving him home alone. He does love his crate at night though

  8. Please, please, PLEEEEZE, stop with the clickbait video titles!! YOU are enough! YOUR TALENT, your insight, your experience, YOUR HEART for animals, your teaching abilities, YOUR INTEGRITY, your transparency ARE ENOUGH!!! You don’t need that cheap “trick”.

    I recommend you (and only you) to every dog owner I know, and even to petstores dog trainers BECAUSE YOU’RE THE BEST! HOWEVER, I stopped watching 3 entire Series because I couldn’t stand the new “process” (titles & even video editing trying to create drama)… I just gave you an other try, but yet another drama-inducing title……
    “Leaving your dog alone in an unknown environment” would have been much better.
    You’re all about creating a peaceful environment for dogs and their owners, de-escalating stressful situations, and avoiding drama… YOU of all people shouldn’t use FAKE DRAMA to get more clicks! (…do you, really, get more clicks that way?)

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