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  1. As a studying dog trainer people like you are my inspiration 🥰 you work so hard and clearly care about the animals

    You can really see despite the challenges it’s all worth it

  2. After watching George’s video series, we started the process of adopting a rescue pitbull mom’s puppy. We are waiting anxiously for her to get to 8weeks before she comes to join our family pack of 4. Good on you guys for showing us the way to having a close knit family pack

    1. @Nico James Nell I don’t know your situation but pitbulls, staffords are often too much to handle for a couple without kids. I wish you the best of luck but I’m afraid the odds are stacked against you. You saw George’s evolution by the hand of professionals training him full-time. I don’t think you can replicate that. They need a lot of exercise and training (mental, physical stimulation) constantly. They need a firm hand to make sure the dog never learns its in control. And goh why oh why a pup?! Only to put one more in the shelter once it reaches 1 year old? Take a mature, sterilised, calm shelter dog (one past puberty), at least you then know what you get. I hope at least you got yourself a female and I hope you have a large yard. Pitbulls tend to suddenly lash out when not given proper mental and physical stimulation (they need a lot physical). From a young age they tend to charge at other dogs to control them (dominate?). I hope you watch a lot of educational material about how to raise the breed and how to handle (/prevent becoming) a dominant one. And take special training classes because knowing isn’t enough. I wish you and your family the best!

    2. @asud815 Who is providing the fact, how were those facts collected and how are they presented? Dog bite facts look very different when they come from a personal injury attorney, a pit bull rescue, or the CDC.

    3. @K VR I can’t name any stats from pit Bull rescues about bites because they know they are all bad for pits. Their only option is to refute studies or say people can’t identify a pit correctly.

    4. @A VN We are a young family of 4(two boys, ages 7 & 8), two pekegnise – male & female, aged 7 & 8, we are in fact getting a female puppy, she’ll be 8weeks when she comes home with us. This was not a decision that we made lightly, because of the research we have done over the last couple of years. And also having interaction with different pitbulls and other big bread dogs, we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into. We have recently purchased our own house(nice big yard – 930m2). We are in it for the long haul, and will only ever let her go when she gets I’ll beyond the point of saving, other than that we have committed to the decision and know that it will not be an easy road, but a road we have taken none the less. Thank you for the level headed response. Constructive criticism is what this plat form was crated for. And like I always say : If not here to help one another, then what is the point?

    5. @Nico James Nell Oh, that doesn’t sound too bad. Walking the dogs will no longer be a one person task and yes, they should discover the outside daily. A pup could indeed get accepted easier let’s just hope it doesn’t inherit the small dog syndrome from the others, the larger the dog (weight), the firmer the handler. And yes it will boost your masculinity. Good luck

  3. Can we all please appreciate that we are getting this high quality content for free. So excited for this upcoming series, I can tell that it’s gonna be wild. Love you Zak!

    1. @michelin300 Very few dogs in this world are a match for a bear. Even a small black bear. Much larger claws, more powerful punches, stronger jaw and bigger teeth. Dog v bear… I’m betting the bear.

    2. @BaronVonBielski Did you read what I wrote? I was thinking the bear would win… which is why I wrote “Dog v bear… I’m betting the bear.” Is reading comprehension an issue? The “very few dogs” is a reference to the Karelian Bear dog. Native to Finland.

    3. In hungry there is a dog breath used for dealing with bears. But in this context it was just a joke on the editing. 🤷‍♂️😂😂😂 bear and then the dog jumping over the fence. And I don’t rule out the dog tried to protect its family, there a few videos on YouTube where a dog just does that. But in this case we don’t even know if it’s the same timeframe

  4. You really know how to build the suspense! I really appreciate that you share your insecurities and worries about some of the more difficult scenarios.

  5. Honestly, just watching this series trailer made me tear up a bit (which is kind of ridiculous, but hey, dog mom stuff). I have a 1 year old rescue bully who came from a really terrifying past. Every day is a sincere struggle for him to understand how much I love him, and to repair the bonds that were broken in him. Watching these latest series, and putting in hard work every day is resulting in some seriously beautiful results that I could not be more proud of.
    Thank you for everything that you’re doing. You have no idea how much it means.
    Looking forward to seeing Chop! I’m sure I’m gonna learn even more ways to positively interact with my fur baby.

  6. Talk about a cliffhanger, I felt sick watching that poor dog leap off the balcony! I can only hope that your next installment isn’t heartbreaking. Amazing scenery, please don’t make us wait too long!

  7. Well, I’m glad you’ve taken on this dog. I wouldn’t attempt working with him! But what is the goal for him? Will he be happy living inside a house? I’m keeping an open mind and looking forward (I hope?) to the rest of the series. As long as nothing bad happens to anyone.

  8. Oh my goodness! Definitely “Call of the Wild” vibes here! Brought me to tears! Thank you for all you do for these pups and for the dogs that you are helping by sharing your talents and training and inspiring us!!!! Lucy (gsd rescue ) and now Ollie (6 mo old gsd rescued by Lucy 😅) and I will be watching and taking notes. Btw- leash reactivity is FINALLY looking better 🎊.

    1. well, it is getting there. it is getting closer to the borderline mentoned by other dog trainers where pure positive trainers stop. But Zak is getting there, ready for a fight 😀

    2. @DaveDEF82 This dog might have done things like this before , he is trained and much prepared for surviving in the nature . Some dogs do this , our GSP did this 20 years ago , when she was inside the house , but called from outside . She didn’t use the open doors , but jumped out of an open window ( though it was actually covered and seemed to be secure ) , she wanted to go the shortest way . Mostly dogs know if they can do this ( that’s why Chop didn’t jump straight , but tried to get in position , where it would be safe . ) . IF someone would have seen Chop trying to jump from the balcony , he or she would for sure have stopped that .

  9. This type of untrained/wild dog is exactly the kind I want to see you train. I handle a lot of rescue dogs and they are difficult to deal with to say the least. These are the real life bad behaviors that I’m at my wits end trying to solve. I’m looking forward to seeing you train this dog! ❤🐕❤

  10. Holy moly!!! I adopted a GSD/golden retriever mix and he behaves identical to this dog!! The good news is, his training is coming along well but he’s a jumper and aggressive. I have my work cut out for me. I’m looking forward to this series!

  11. This comment is for Brie I want her to know how absolutely incredible her camera skills are idk which of you does editing but these videos move me so much and make me want to be an even better dog owner

  12. Is there any way to pin a comment just letting us know the dog is alive and hopefully unharmed? Yes, I’m oversensitive when it comes to animals being harmed; I don’t want to see it happen. Showing the clip of the dog jumping then switching to Brie crying is anxiety inducing. Or maybe some kind of warning if it goes the other way. I love your videos, I just can’t watch that.

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