This MUST-HAVE Dog Camera Just Got WAY BETTER!

This is the BIGGEST UPDATE EVER to one of our all-time favorite dog products!! Sponsored by Furbo Dog Camera! SAVE 30% on the NEW Furbo 360 Dog Camera today PLUS get an EXTRA DISCOUNT when you use my special code: ZAK at 🙌

Bree and I have been using Furbo Dog Cameras for years, and I can't believe how far they've come!! If you EVER leave your dogs alone, you should definitely consider getting a Furbo 360! The level of peace of mind these can bring to you when you're away from your dog is just unreal. Check out this video and let us know in the comments if you can think of any MORE features you want to see Furbo implement with future updates! Thanks for being here!

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    1. Today you can actually save 30% plus an additional 10%. It’s actually a pretty amazing deal! Details in the description.

  1. Just an idea….have u done show on fireworks and dogs….how to do desensitization training from early puppyhood.. so many people don’t think about how awful and dangerous it is when dogs panic when they hear them. after 14 yrs my Liam became deaf so I did not live in stressed anticipation of next time. I live in 🇨🇦 by a Park where people shoot them off on our Stat holidays and Halloween , new years etc. I also remember adding hand signals ..with.. voice commands when a trainer told me if dogs lose their hearing at least u have way to communicate with them to keep them safer. Not something most of us think of when we are in chaos of puppyhood.

  2. I so want at least two for my new apartment!

    What I think might be in Veronica (DNA guesses)
    Shetland Sheepdog, German Spitz, Chihuahua, Xoloitzquintle, Lhasa Apso.

  3. Thanks for this video. I bought one a couple of years ago for my daughter to use with her two dogs and she still uses and likes it. Now that it’s even better with a 360° camera, I decided to buy one for my dogs and I used your link.

  4. I love my Furbo ( and mini). However my Aussie hates the treat feature. Sound on or off she will leave the room and come back to get her treat. My cat loves it to. She likes taking selfies right in the lens 😂

  5. How safe is it , when dogs are smelling the treats and try to get it ? Most likely it needs to be put very high , so the dogs can’t reach it . But what about the cable ? Could dogs pull that “disperser” down with it ?

    1. I’ve used furbo for years, and use the recordings to share with our trainer how things are going. My two older dogs have been really respectful of not doing the furbo equivalent of counter surfing. With my new puppy, I have the furbo behind our playpen barrier so puppy can’t access it since she’s demonstrated a willingness and ability to climb for things she wants.

    2. Obviously you’ll need to take common sense precautions to keep it from getting pulled down. But this has not been an issue for me since I’ve had it.

  6. I just ordered one! My two are coming up on two years of age now and we’re thinking of leaving them out of their crates when we’re gone. This will help us keep track of them and know if they’re destroying the house! Really, it will help us make the determination if they’re ready or not to be left for more than a few minutes outside their crate when we’re not home.

  7. I used to just kennel my 2 GSD’s when I had to go out. Now, at 13 years, they are contained in a large room with their beds, toys, etc and also have access to water. They’ve never had any separation anxiety but if I left them out they’d open cupboards, fridge, etc. They have no problem going into their room…all I have to do is say “go into your room”. They sense when I’m getting ready to leave and often go into their room without being told to do so. The Furbo looks great but it’s not something I need. Maybe in the future with my next dog.

  8. Yes this is a sponsored video! But it’s also a 4.6 star product. I only endorse extremely well liked and high-quality products that I think you guys will like. Having a new puppy and teaching her how to be alone has gone much more smoothly because of this! The rotation and ability to see anywhere in the room has really made things next level in my opinion. I am thrilled with this latest iteration of the Furbo dog camera. We’ve been using it consistently recently and it’s been very reliable as well as game changing with the AI features. Considering all of the things that this camera can do, I think it’s an extremely good value personally.

    1. I got the original beta test model, no rotation, and no “2-way” sound. Still have to slide between speak and listen on the app. The “night” mode is great but the green light stays on alllllll night. All and all I love the new improvements, wish I had the newest model.

  9. We have a furbo but now that our younger one has free roam of the house might have to get a second one.

    On a side note while I love all the videos and watch all if them….I would love a discussion video on some things one can do to help a senior pup. Our 12 year old.lab is starting to have leg issues and is 90% deaf now

  10. Zac … Very respectfully (and I do like your dog training videos WHEN THEY ARE DOG TRAINING VIDEOS and not 25-100% glorified infomercials), if your video is going to be an infomercial, please let me know at the beginning of the video. At least, inform me so I can decide if I want to continue to watch or if I want to go to another channel. Thanks, my friend!!! I do love y’all and your dogs!!! It’s just this video is 100% infomercial. Be safe & God bless. Chuck. 🤠👨‍🌾✝️🙏🐩

  11. I loved your training videos and I used to watch every single one right when it came out but it seems like the focus is more on product placements now than on actual training which makes it hard to watch for me. And it’s so sad because I really really loved your channel!! I understand you have to make money and this is your job but I feel like other YouTubers make plenty of money with less advertising. It’s not hate, just honest feedback! ♥️

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