Train your Dog to be OFF LEASH: The First Steps

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I'll show the steps you need to take to teach your dog to listen to you while off leash! Enjoy!
Videos I reference in this video:
Teach the "Surprise Stay":

How to teach your dog to Stop Stealing:

How to get your dog to stop ignoring you:

49 Comments on “Train your Dog to be OFF LEASH: The First Steps”

  1. Wow, I haven’t watched a Zak George video in years and you went from using your front facing camera walking around in a park to full on production crew quality.

    1. @Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution Thanks for the warm welcome! I will be welcoming a little fawn doberman in a little under a month 🙂 Do you have any tips on training a doberman that will be raised in a townhouse?

  2. I have two husky puppies 5 months old , I taught them to stay, come, sit and walk on a leash with no pulling but they aren’t the best in distractions yet

  3. Zak! I’m a big fan! I’ve been watching your videos for months in preparation for a puppy and I finally got her! She’s a klee kai and she has some issues you’ve touched on in videos like separation anxiety and freaking out during baths, but one thing she does that I don’t see on your channel is about how she walks on a leash. It’s sort of the opposite problem of pulling- she’ll walk on a leash but only ever behind me at my heels. She doesn’t want to walk beside me and I’m not sure how to get her to start because placing her next to me makes her stop walking completely until she gets behind me again. Any suggestions?

    1. If she walks behind u stop walking and when or if she walks in front of u give her a treat
      Try to also make her go forward by tempting her with a treat to walk forward herself. Remember to always reward her if she does go in front of you.
      Hope it Helps. Good Luck!

    2. Thats funny, she really sees you as a leader and wants you to protect her, maybe shes scared. You just need to pull her next to you and dont give her alot of leash untill she learns.

    3. Im working hard to have my dog walk behind me, and it takes a lot of time…i would make use of the situation and just teach her to walk in front of you only if you say so…also depends on the type/size of the dog

    4. You should stand still to show her that your not going anywere until shes by your side and when she is on your side prase her and or give her a treat so she finds it as a good thing rather then a bad thing

  4. As always, You got the best videos ever! You really inspire me cause the first thing you do before training a dog is *getting to know him and making a good relationship with em* and your videos all helps especially this one. You made a lot of efforts so that other people be happy with their pets. You solved almost all problems with the easiest ways except for one: *NIGHT-CRYING!* Zack, can you please make a video of how calming your dog’s whining and crying at night please?! thanks…

    1. My dog, at 5, has decided she doesn’t want to come when I call. I’m hoping one of Zak’s videos will help me figure out how to get better recall.

  5. The thing that would make me nervous about this is there’s only one fenced in area I could take him to and it’s usually full of other dogs.

    1. Lol same I was on a trail today I usually use a long leash but I was like ok let’s put him off leash he fucking kept walking and not with me lmaooo

  6. This is gonna be hard my dog will come and stay usually but she’s escaped 9 times and only came back by herself once

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