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  1. I’d like to hear about what your dogs are riding in. This summer we’re heading to FL and this will be the first time taking a medium size dog, our standard poodle puppy.

  2. Keep posting! I like to see how you handle the dogs on a long road trip and I also enjoy seeing the sights you see, as well. I also like the wildlife you film. Drive safely!

  3. Enjoy, yes we took 2 Maltese from California to Boston. Coast to coast with plenty of stops on the way, we were in a bad car accident in Ohio one night while the city of Dayton had areas in a blackout. The car was totaled and dogs we fine , we had some minor boo boos. We did get a replacement car 2 days later thanks to a fantastic Farmers Insurance man who happened to see the sticker on our car as he drove by the accident. He helped us a great deal & we had to stay in a motel for a few days while the arrangements were being made.

  4. Again? Yay!!! Please post! I loved that adventure last time! I’m so jealous you guys spend summers in Alaska!! Safe travels!!! 😁❤️

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