VERY IMPORTANT: How to Teach “Look at me” , and the Training Bubble Explained

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Eye contact is an essential brick in the foundation of authentic dog training. Dogs are one of the few species that naturally look at humans in the eyes to communicate with them. Since dogs do this naturally, it's a pretty easy step to teach them to look at us when we ask them to! This video shows you EXACTLY how to do just that!

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Zak George

An introduction to clicker training:

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  1. This is exactly how I teach my students! Eye contact is THE foundation for all training! Did you know that sustained eye contact (gazing) with a dog increases oxytocin production in both the dog and human. Oxytocin the the chemical released from the hypothalamus that encourages attachment between mothers and breastfeeding children?

  2. I thought my dog was looking in my eyes for 2 years to get treats but when I turned sideways I realized he was just looking up at the ceiling every time to get a treat in the general area where my head would be. So if my head wasn’t there he would still look up and stare at

  3. Your teaching the little boy….not to keep repeating the cue and to not repeat the dog’s name was invaluable. Adults keep making these mistakes….repeating the cue and repeating the dog’s name over and over and louder and louder in a sargeant’s military voice.  This isa HUGE stumbling block in our Family Dog training classes at our local humane society.  I like your quick, matter of fact, non judgmental manner.  As a regular dog training assistant in our local humane society (in SF Bay Area) training classes, I’ll try to model your teaching style so I can teach more effectively without making the humans feel awkward/bad/intimidated.  Thanks for your easy to follow educational videos.

    1. @Ryan Marciano Give the dog a few seconds to process the command before you try repeating it or doing something else. Dogs often need a little to time to think, just like people.

    2. People teach their dog many tricks and skills different ways that’s your opinion but that’s his so no need to say anything mean that’s not needed to be said

  4. Thank you , Zak, for your new scientific, ethical training videos. I adopted my 4th GSD (or mix) last fall from the Humane Society. Max is responding quickly to these new methods. I’m 68 y.o. with 2 types of arthritis, so I hesitated adopting such a young (one year) powerful (now 80 lb.) magnificent animal. So I was ready for a new vision in training. I’m also a psychologist and am focused on using Max in therapeutic situations. The most important thing I’ve learned from you is patience when he is “not ready yet” and taking a step back with my expectations. So Exercise,Training and Affection, in that order, with a new emphasis on training methods!

  5. Hi Zak,
    This is around the 30th video of yours that I am watching and I just want to say I think it’s the best. It really shows dos and don’ts with other people and I like the explanations so much better than your other videos. The other videos just seem too…detached to me 🙂
    Keep doing what you do! And thanks!

  6. I have a degree in educational psychology, which is fine for working with people. But I really appreciate the way you apply the principles with dogs AND people. Dogs have so much empathy and alertness towards us, but most of us don’t know how to tap into it for communication. The use of pauses is especially interesting…to allow mental and emotional reinforcing. Thanks. Enjoyable.

  7. My dog is a year old and knows basically nothing besides sit and lay down. I just used this information to teach him look at me and leave it in around 20 minutes and now he’s doing it perfectly. I spilled an entire handful of his treats on the floor and told him leave it and look at me and HE DID IT!!!! I’m so excited and surprised. Thank you for this it worked amazingly!!

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