We Found the Perfect Home for Him… But He Got Into a Fight with Their Dog. Reality Dog Training

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30 Comments on “We Found the Perfect Home for Him… But He Got Into a Fight with Their Dog. Reality Dog Training”

  1. I can’t believe this transformation. He seemed SO wild when you got him. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. But now, he seems so calm and happy. I think his new family is perfect!

  2. You found the perfect home for Chop! A match made in heaven. You couldn’t have done better by Chop (and I love his new name–McFly!). And I kind of admonished you at one time at the dog park for not being far enough away. Then I “watched” myself with our little guy (who is much like Chop when he sees another dog–he wants to go play in the worst way). I wasn’t getting far enough away (for him to not react). So I need to take my own advice!! So I learned that.

  3. Aww sad that Chop went after the other dog right away, and scared it but the re intro was so much better happy about that. I wish Chop all the best with his new owners and the best dogs life full of adventure. he will be missed and has done so well .

  4. This was an INCREDIBLE series. You gave McFly a chance and prepared him for his best life. Absolutely loved watching his transformation. He’s such a cool dog 😎

  5. I’m so happy for Chop (McFly) that he has his forever home! An active life is just what he needed and that’s what he’s got. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and adventure ❤️

  6. This is emotional in a good way. The fosters for my border collie/corgi only had him for 2 weeks but I could tell how attached especially the wife was since he was afraid of men and mostly attached to women. Seeing Chop at first I thought man he is WAY too big and now I think he is a wonderful type big! I’ve dreamt of a giant schnauzer for many years but I’ve felt chicken about it due to being insecure if I can even do a big dog when I’ve only had dogs beneath knee height but this series has allowed me to toy with the idea more seriously. I can kind of see more faith in my own capabilities and that’s pretty cool.

    1. As someone who has fostered dogs for a rescue group, I can tell you you do get very attached, very quickly. This is especially true when you foster a dog that needs medical care and you take care of that dog (and sometimes you foster for months instead of weeks). We got really burned out and aren’t fostering now (even though I know how important it is). I think I cried every time one of our fosters went “home”. And if you’re thinking of a big dog, you may want to consider fostering one first before taking the plunge and actually getting one. That way you can find out what it’s like having that large a dog and make sure it’s a fit for you. There may be a Giant Schnauzer rescue in your area. If not, another large dog may do. And if you simply fall in love, there is absolutely no shame whatsoever in being a “foster failure” (we’ve been foster failures several times! I think most everyone who fosters has been at least one time or another.). Having had Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds, you’d be surprised at how calm and laid back larger dogs can be. I’ve not been around many Giant Schnauzers, so don’t know about their activity level. Personally, I find larger dogs easier to train (not because they are smarter, but because you don’t have to do a lot of bending and stooping and getting on the floor with the dog). Notorious pullers respond very well to either a no-pull harness or a Gentle Leader head collar. So don’t let “pulling on a leash” stop you–I weigh less than 90 pounds and, with a Gentle Leader, I can handle a 175 male Dane or Wolfhound that’s never been on a leash before (and has zero leash manners) with ease.

  7. I love watching these pups get a second chance at have a good home. Your chop series has showed me some ways that maybe one day my dog can play with another dog with out being completely wild. Thanks for the series and I cant wait to see what puppy you chose.

    1. Also if you could do a series with a hound I would appreciate it. Sometimes my hound is so focused by her nose that it’s hard to get her attention.

  8. Would love to see you make a series training a fear/aggression reactive rescue using only positive reinforcement! A vast plethora of balanced trainers out their deem it to be not possible in some cases, would love to see you delve into detail on both the behavior and how force free training is possible with them!! I feel a lot of people could benefit from the encouragement and proof that they don’t need to use forced training tools to deal with so called “problem pups”, we recently have been dealing with and working on building up confidence for a fear reactive rescue pit. Would also love to see some pups with disabilities! Blind, deaf, tripod, etc.!
    Love your content!! You’ve been a huge influence on me to pursue a dog training/behaviorist career path! Keep up the amazing work :))

    1. I’ll third that idea! I’d love to demonstrate to “balanced” and those who rely almost totally on aversive methods that positive training can be used for aggressive behavior. They are always gloating that it cannot be simply because there isn’t a You Tube video of it out there.

  9. This was a great series. I learned that my dog still has hope to learn to be less reactive to other dogs and walk on leash more politely.

  10. For your next series can you show us how you use your positive techniques on a dog with people/dog aggression. Some people aren’t lucky enough to get an easy dog like Chop. Dogs with aggression are the ones who get put down and truly need homes. I’m ready for some reality dog training

  11. I am tearful through this entire episode, especially at the end. I am extremely happy for Chop/McFly. You have again given a dog a wonderful life. Thank you.

  12. Watching the Chop series truly reminded me about the importance of patience. It’s ok to fail and start again tomorrow but to not give up with stubborn dogs💜

  13. I’m sad that this series is over, but so happy that Chop/McFly found such a good home. The dog meeting may have started rocky, but I’m glad you let them try again. They seem like good friends. Chop/McFly sure did come a long way in short amount of time and you did a great job with him. I can’t wait to see what kind of series you do next!

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