We need to talk about what happened at the dog park today. Reality Dog Training

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Can you relate with our experience with Chop today??? 😬😅🤔 Tell us what you want to see Chop learn in upcoming episodes!!!

0:00 Intro, morning report
1:00 Potty training update with Nom Nom
2:15 How Zak monitors play between Chop and Inertia
3:07 How to introduce your dog to a vacuum (or other scary things!)
6:42 Training Chop to STAY for a period of time, and with distance!
11:14 How Zak breaks up Chop and Inertia when things get TOO ROUGH
12:15 Bree caught Chop RESOURCE GUARDING a toy from Inertia
14:25 How I prepare Chop to succeed with training in public
16:24 Training Chop IN PUBLIC at a DOG PARK… we need to talk about this experience.

22 Comments on “We need to talk about what happened at the dog park today. Reality Dog Training”

  1. You are showing the work and dedication that needs to go into training a dog. We live in a world where people expect instant results for everything, this won’t happen with dog training – you need patience.

  2. Very excited to see how you handle the resource guarding between dogs! Something I want to stay on top of with my doggo but not a lot of info out there. Love the series 🙂

  3. I gotta say each “Reality Dog Training Series” keeps getting better and better. Thank you for producing such valuable content for this community. I’ve learned so much through you and it’s actually encouraging to see that you also face challenges and have to problem-solve on the spot. Keep it up!

  4. I can’t get over how well muscled he is, look at those shoulders! And each time I’m so amazed at his dog language “fluency” as well. Such an intelligent gorgeous boy!

  5. THANK YOU for actually talking about how lonely it can be to train a reactive dog. Traning my puppy – found on the streets – was one of the most lonely processes I’ve ever been through. He’s almost 16 months old and doing much better but is still not out of the woods but a long mile. Big dogs, new experiences, certain male figures… they’re all things that can tick him right off and are things we’re working on

  6. Way to go Chop! This was such an encouraging video. He’s really doing well thanks to you. A great reminder for me to take mini exposure steps when my dog starts reacting. As usual, brilliant production, entertaining, and informative content. Thank you!

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