WHAT HAVE I DONE?! First Day of Training with This COMPLETELY UNTRAINED DOG. [Reality Dog Training]

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29 Comments on “WHAT HAVE I DONE?! First Day of Training with This COMPLETELY UNTRAINED DOG. [Reality Dog Training]”

  1. It’s great to see he’s fine after his great balcony leap! One of my dogs, now 7 yrs old., was completely untrained when I got her from a rescue. Her first two years of her life were spent on a chain in a concrete yard with minimal human interaction. It was a rough go for the first few months to build trust and to understand what I expected from her. She bid now one of the best dogs I have ever had. Chop is going to amaze us too.💕

    1. The balcony hasn’t happened yet… they are almost finishing the series or already finished that’s how they are able to do a good intro for the series 😁

    2. My wife’s dog had a similar start to yours. He lived like that for three years until he was able to escape. It’s been years now but he greets people with a wag and is a good boy. He still has anxiety attacks when there is thunder but it’s gotten so much better. It’s really rewarding to get a dog that is feral and then love him until he see you as the best thing ever.

    3. I saw that jump and it made me giggle. It’s something my dogs would do if they were given a chance. Also makes me think he’s got a little husky in him. Huskies are escape artists, and you need those tall fences or they’ll get out.

  2. A dog’s learning is like a flickering light bulb that suddenly stays on when they understand. You gotta love them and love to teach them 🥰 The understanding part is never the problem. It’s always the communication and bonding part. And that part is ours. Good people have good dogs.

  3. Wait for the “full moon” to happen. Street dogs bring a different element to training and to care for them. Being from Alaska, I assume he has some (more than normal) wolf… now wait for that “full moon”! Lol 😆 can’t wait! ❤

  4. Chop is such a good natured rascal like Tramp from LADY AND THE TRAMP. Every new dog you train is more interesting than the last. Please do a series of updates on these dog characters in the future. Top notch entertainment and learn so much at the same time. Perfect!

    1. @david Soto I was thinking the same thing! I have two rottie border collie littermates and I live rottie’s now! Such good dogs! Please Zak! Do a rottie training!

    2. Zac, I am a new sub…let’s just say I have been watching another you tube series . Within just a few lessons listening to your advise my 7 month old chocolate Lab is doing great. I adopted your Yes training and it;s working ….so far. Thank you !

  5. Fascinating to see a dog learning sit from a zero start. It’s rare, as owners, we see that, given most breeders, shelters and fosters will have at least taught sit (if nothing else). But spending time with very nervous former street dogs, like many of my clients, these are the starting points for them. It’s all about building a bond. Helping them to learn we are predictable, not scary.

  6. Chop sure seems to be a happy learner… I ❤ seeing his tail wagging during your training sessions. He’s already doing awesome in a short amount of time! Great job so far… 😊

  7. Way to go Chop! I can’t believe how clearly you can see his thought process. What a good lesson and good boy. I also love that you are treating with his food too. When my pup was a baby I did this as well so she wouldn’t be overly “treated” and I would train her while giving her breakfast.

  8. Really 1up-ing yourself with this series!!! You guys are doing such a good job. Your videos have helped me train my own puppy, now 5 months. There’s a lot of work still to do but I always find myself going back to your videos for help.

  9. Please do a series like this with a Rottweiler, Australian shepherd, Labrador, or a border…..oh, wait…Inersha (Sorry if I spelled it wrong!) Is a border collie! But I would love for a rottie, aussie, or lab! Love you already Chop!

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