What if your dog sees a CAT while you’re on a walk? 😱🐈 What would your dog do? #dogtraining #puppy

How do you handle it if your dog suddenly gets surprised by a CAT (or anything they would like to react towards) on a walk??

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  1. My dogs live with 8 rescued cats. So when ever they see a cat outdoors. They probably think it’s theirs. And they Wana get to know the cat 🤣🤣

  2. Took my cat on a walk where we encountered a couple dogs and it was great to see owners have control over their pups and great training to keep them distracted and moving while they passed us

  3. My dog is a rescue galgo and she will be trying to hunt the cat down. I’m working on it to keep her moving and looking to me, or at least to just look and keep moving. She is doing better every single time.

  4. Had 4-5 deer cross the road about 15m away from us on todays walk. First encounter with deer, my dog got intrigued and looked but made no effort to pull after them. Once they had passed we continued our way. It was no cats but I don’t think there would be a difference, she’s been trained around all sorts of animals since young.

  5. mine would straight ignore me, even if I try to lure with praises or treats, his mind is so fixed on the cat or dog that it seems like nothing works. I am very discouraged with training him I need help!

  6. My dog would sing the song of his people n really wanna say hi . He thinks that they are tiny dogs. The cats just wanna smack him to the next year. 😂

  7. Our dogs live with two cats, so they’re very used to cats. At home, they play and cuddle with cats, so they’d likely want to go up and interact (play or cuddle). They’ve seen cats at the vet’s office before and they will approach the cats (happily–tail wagging, tongue lolling). Some cats are okay with it, most hiss. At the sound of the hiss, ours will immediately stop and back away. Our cats have never scratched the dogs, but they will hiss and slap with their paw if the dogs get too overwhelming, so our dogs will back off immediately. If they approach a cat at our vet’s, I usually get them before they get too close to the cat (don’t want to freak out the cats that aren’t used to dogs in their face) and say “that cat doesn’t love you” and they’ll back away.

  8. I have no clue what Random Cat is capable of, so I’m gonna keep my dog moving, not let her linger and evaluate and give either animal the opportunity to spook the other

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