What To Do About Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

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41 Comments on “What To Do About Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety”

    1. That’s what I’m doing right now! I used to be a snake owner and I underestimated how much attention dogs need. But I’ve been able to make do.

  1. Sooo useful! The vet assured me pugs don’t have much separation anxiety…he’s currently laid on my pillow up against me and moves to me if I move even an inch away 😂

  2. My Husky has some anxiety issues. And I’m worried because I have to go out for a few hours on Wednesday, and she’s going to freak out. My parents can’t even calm her. She’s a 4 month old Siberian Husky. When I leave the room she’ll start whining or barking. And when she sees me again she gets so excited she jumps at me and starts play biting me etc

  3. My dog is six years old and she gets plenty of exercise. She is just super attached. She will shake uncontrollably when I start to get dressed or even put a jacket on. I don’t know what to do with her but it breaks my heart every time I have to leave. She won’t take a treat when she knows I’m leaving she has no interest in anything but trying to come with me.

    1. That’s what I thought, and thought it was helpful information, till I watched another video, and realized that what was really happening, was he is rewarding a dog for bad behavior, instead of being the dog’s pack leader, that it needs to feel like everything is ok if he is in view or not. We were doing all the same things, trying to tire out our rescue pug that came with really bad separation anxiety, and giving her treats, affection, toys…and it went from her not being able to be by herself for even an hour, to her not being able to be alone with anyone but our 23 year old son. Couldn’t figure out how it got so much worse, especially since our son doesn’t pay attention to her like my husband and I. Saw another video and realized it was exactly that reason. She doesn’t feel calm with my husband or I, because we reward that neurotic mindset she gets into. Tonight for the first time in a while, our pug lay down and relaxed while my son did the dishes, instead of jumping all over me and barking. I have very little doubt the reason she was a rescue in the first place is because she couldn’t be left alone without a full blown melt down and defecating on the floor. We are starting her crate training immediately so we can see a movie as a family, and have an emotionally healthy dog waiting at home.

    2. lol I thought the same thing , also I love the name for your account if it’s your real name it’s gorgeous I hope you get your puppy!!!😁🤍🐶

    3. @Bedridden Beauty dogs haven’t been wolves for thousands of years. That pack leader stuff is long since disproven, including by the researcher that popularized it.

  4. Whenever I visited my mom at her house, and I was getting ready to leave, the dogs knew the split second I was getting off the couch. They would bark and howl like crazy, even though I didn’t live there. They would climb all over me when I sit on the couch when first arriving as well.

  5. Dog is probably thinking “what is the matter with my master, he’s getting up, down, in and out of room, gets his keys but doesn’t go anywhere. I think he is quickly developing some “senior memory” issues. Oh well…. I can’t help him so I will just chew on my bone in the meantime.”

    1. My dog is 8 and barks and whines if I go to the bathroom. Thankfully I live alone so I just leave the door open and he is no longer bothered. Though, since COVID he’s been getting used to having me home more and more. Now when I leave the house for work/Uni/social outings he has started crying and my neighbours have been making comments about how much he carries on. It’s concerning me but I don’t know what to do. I have to leave the house sometime

    2. @LoveDove we started to have the same problem lately. He never cared if we go out before, at worst he would go to door whine few min then go to his bed and take a nap. He had a full episode today when I go out for 15 minutes even tho my brother was at home in his room. I’m looking out for solutions to fix it before it becomes a big problem.

    1. For months I only go out to walk my dog, now whenever I put the mask on to go somewhere else, he comes to door waiting for me put his collar lol

  6. For people for who this method just doesn´t work out, here is another tip, that saved my dogs and my mental health regarding separation anxiety: I have a 6 year old french bulldog and since the beginning I have been practicing separation in 1-minute steps over and over again and nothing seemed to work. He drooled at the door, was crying for me and even when he didn´t do that, he clearly was stressed when I came home. It was so heartbreaking for me. I also realized that all the methods for him ever being fine with me leaving will probably never work. So I invented a workaround which is now working very good: I trained him being alone in another room, which is far easier as you still be in the house / apartment and can do stuff. He adjusted to that very well as he knew I was still nearby. No toys, nothing to chew on, just for sleeping after a nice walk. I was also playing some radio and youtube videos from my room. I expand that time in little steps up to an hour. I placed a dog camera to see if he was asleep. And then I snitched out of my apartment ina way he doesn´t know I´m gone. So he always thinks I am in the other room, while he is sleeping but in reality I am out and about and don´t have a bad feeling leaving him. I check frequently on the camera if everything is alright. By now I can leave him easily up to 4 hours in the room sleeping. It saved us from going nuts!

  7. tbh, whenever I have to leave my puppy (even though there’s other people in my family that can take care of him), I’m the one getting separation anxiety 😭 thanks for the tutorial as always!!!

  8. Thank you, Zak George, for making these videos and making them available to everyone. I come across many people who have no idea about dogs or teaching them and I refer them to your videos all the time.

  9. When I go with my parents at a store, I usually wait outside with my dog, on the time someone leave us and goes in the store he whines like he’s beeing abandoned. I am trying a way to let he be more calm.

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