When You Have A Plan VS. What Actually Happens [Reality Dog Training: George the Pit Bull Ep. 5]

In reality, things don’t happen according to plan when you are training a dog like George the Pit Bull. This video is sponsored by Solid Gold Pet. Get 30% off of select Solid Gold Pet products by going to http://www.solidgoldpet.com/zak

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33 Comments on “When You Have A Plan VS. What Actually Happens [Reality Dog Training: George the Pit Bull Ep. 5]”

  1. i love that you didnt correct george when he went for his treats on the table since he hasn’t learned to leave them alone and to not jump on the table yet. youre my favorite dog trainer <3

  2. George jumping and acting like a crazy man… Zak hits back with the “but I love that he’s so authentic.” This is too perfect and pure. He loves him!!

  3. Every time the preview of the series plays and I see Zak crying my heart breaks a little. I don’t think I could ever go through the pain of fostering/bonding with a dog and letting them go. Good for you Zak. You are doing such amazing work.

    1. I foster kittens (not quite the same, no training bond) and I cry every time I let them go. BUT I focus on the fact that I’ve gotten them off to a happy start for a good long life. Zak has a 2 dog rule, his third spot is for training fosters. I have a 3 cat rule, the fourth spot is for fosters. I will admit that my 3rd cat is a foster fail from my first foster litter 6 years ago. 🤷

    2. Same! I cried the first few times I fostered kittens and I consider keeping every. single. one. of them. But now I have fostered 22 kittens, a mama cat, and spayed a feral kitty. I always tell myself that if I keep them then I won’t have the money or room to keep fostering. It gets easier and I love it!

    1. George is EXACTLY what a pitbull is supposed to be! All my dog’s act pretty much just like George lol. Little goofballs that live to play and exercise/work and love everyone they meet!! Some of mine don’t like strange dogs.. but that’s ok, they get along with MY other dog’s & they don’t ever have a reason to be with strange dogs anyways 🤷 so no issue for me lol I’m not gonna force them for no reason

  4. I love that you let him take the word in. We have a very fearful or nervous dog who is easily overwhelmed. I found that if I let him take things in, he recovers way quicker it’s a bit of a balance act as he can stare things down and go over threshold but it’s usually so much better to wait things out together so thank you for that!!

  5. im watching this episode now , but i hope when this series is said and done that you two end up staying together… All the best brother!

  6. I just realized Zak is in NOLA. He should totally do some work with Villalobos Rescue Center. It would make for some really awesome episodes. Or even do a Reality Dog Training Series with one of their dogs, especially one that might not be the easiest to handle. It has been so great to see George progress throughout the series and showing the Pitbull as they truly are not the “monsters” they have been portrayed as by the media.

    1. Wow! What a great idea. I enjoy watching their rescues and I’m surprised I didn’t think of that. They really care about the dogs and that would be awesome.

  7. This is like watching a love story in real time, lol. George and Inertia are such cuties together too. Pleeeeease do a small dog series next!

  8. It’s so astonishing to see when your dog is making that decision to listen to you instead of the distraction. It is a slow process, but you know that the bond you create with your dog will be everlasting. Do not give up on your dog because your dog does not listen to you 100% on day one…instead, keep working and one day you will be amazed by the rapt attention your dog shows you 😁

  9. If you haven’t cried while training your dog sometimes you either have an “easy” dog or strong nerves. I cried multiple times with my first dog and that’s also a part of training a dog that is REALITY. it’s not all fun and games. Thanks for your honesty and showing this!

  10. What i love about learning from you is that you take full responsibility for everything, and dont punnish them for not knowing better. Instead you are pro-active in showing them what you want! Instead of punnish him for eating from the table you had a leave it session with him to hopefully teach him not to do that in the end/be able to stop him.💚 this is the level of patience and care i hope to learn to have for my future pup! I want my pup to behave, not be scared of doing wrong!

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