14 Comments on “Where are those views coming from???”

    1. One of my favorite series was you fostering a dog, and training them

      I know you might can’t right now since you have a puppy and I understand that

      But I love that you can show people, rescue dogs aren’t bad, can be trained

      And shows that even if you have an adult dog, they can be trained, you don’t always need a puppy to have a well-trained dog

      I especially loved the George series, since I have a soft spot for pitbulls

    2. I enjoyed your most recent video, real life examples of how training and dog behaviour works. As dog owners need to know that there is always time for life experience and training even when they aren’t in training mode.
      However, I love seeing the training of new dogs and their progression and would love to see a timid dog as I find them hard to train.

  1. I’d love to see you train a person to train their dog! You’ve done a little of that with Bree. I’d like to see some trick training (like play dead, say your prayers, etc.). I loved the videos where you trained dogs like Chop, etc. I also love to see Inertia and Veronica. Maybe when you’re in New Orleans show getting Veronica used to the sights/sounds of New Orleans. I’ll watch most anything you post.

  2. I think my problem is that I only thought it I needed to train my dog when she was a puppy and I don’t really focus on training my dog now that she is three. However, I realize more and more that she’s not the best behaved and she needs more training.

  3. I have adopted a small 9 month old female dog from roemania. She is very sweet with humans but horrible with other dogs. She goes off the charts. Now..i also have a 5 year old female golden retriever called Ruby who has zero issues with dogs. The first days she growld at Ruby. Starred her down, barked at her for no reason. My golden, being the sock that she is, stayed calm and ignored and avoided her and now they get along without issues. So i believe my dramaqueen is not agressive and is just doing what has always worked for her on the streets. But i have no experience with reactive dogs and thats why i watch your videos hoping i can change this behaviour.

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