Will they fight? Introducing a NEW dog to my dog. What I do when they get TOO ROUGH.

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Have you ever Introduced a new dog to your dog?? How did it go??? 👀

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31 Comments on “Will they fight? Introducing a NEW dog to my dog. What I do when they get TOO ROUGH.”

  1. I am going to be honest here: I was preparing myself to get some good bellylaughs when Zak said it is bathtime for Chop 😅 Well it didn’t go like I thought but I still enjoyed it. Chop is a confident boy and that is really good to a homeless dog, mine were really shy and kind of still are even after many years. Looking forward to the next episode 🤗

  2. Very glad to see a more detailed video walking through the initial meetings! While I’ve read through different tips, it’s always great to have the REALITY shown. A great part of these series.

  3. I love the explanation of patience and going slow, something that will help build the relationship over time. Sometimes I forget this with my dogs. ❤️❤️❤️ Like “you need a bath, it’s happening, get over it” 😞 I feel so bad. 😬 Will be gentler with bath time in the future for our younger dog. Maybe have the older calm dog in the tub with him.

  4. My dog, Sparky, would have so much fun playing with inertia. He LOVES chase, he plays it with small and big dogs, and if he gets too excited he takes the signs other dogs give him very well and he’ll slow down. Love seeing chop and inertia getting along for now, I know chop will be even a better good boy than he already was after his training program 🙂

    1. Also depends on when in the series that that incident happened. Doesn’t make sense to post it now if it happened later. He posts all his videos in order of when they happened.

  5. I loved the brush training part. one of my dogs are terrified with everything , especially brushing. So this is going to help me train him to be ok with the brush

  6. i used to watch you then for some reason i stopped but i now really enjoy this series. i love seeing these more behind the scenes videos . they feel more real and like showing that not everything always goes according to plan.

  7. I think inertia’s playing style unfortunately makes her very prey-like and probably triggers chop a little, that’s why he started getting a little more dominant

    1. Yes I was thinking the same. She is a high energy dog and sometimes that can be a little problematic ,for example in dog parks because it gets the other dogs up in high energy too. High energy play can get competitive and then turn into aggression.

    2. My BC/ACD puppy has the same body language when playing with big dogs: ears pinned, stiff and fast movements, air snaps, tail down/tucked, mixed with occasional play bows. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like play as much as an overflow of nervous energy… and she ends up getting pushed around by the other dog,, making her even more nervous and submissive.

  8. My new recuse dog must have medicated baths 2x a week and she hates it . I have always done the slow and steady approach its wasn’t possible this time. She freezes and wont take treats of nothing. I try playing soft music and just talking to her slowly. She has to be fully dried after her bathe but the blow drier is a no go so I spend about 30 mins towel drying her which she seems to slowly be liking that part. I just hope me having to give her the baths isn’t hurting our bonding. I have always had dogs like George or Chop this is my 1st super shy and scared dog. Not going to lie it has been a struggle.

  9. Street/village dogs tend to have great dog-dog social skills and Chop is, so far, awesome with Inertia. I don’t see a canine social skills issue in the park video, just a dog who is accustomed to socializing as he pleases suddenly being leashed around other dogs.

    In the same way, warning Inertia off his bone was very normal behavior and he used a minimal demonstration of “I have no interest in sharing this bone” and then went right back to relaxed and chewing, versus a reactive/guarder leaving the bone and continuing to escalate the aggression. If I had a stranger come up to my cafe table and sniff my sandwich I would tell them to buzz off as well. That wasn’t a shocking or problem behavior, unless as they get to know one another it escalates instead of decreases. Street dogs cannot afford to passively let other dogs take their food.

    Will be interesting to see what caused things to go off the rails–my guess from this video is that Inertia doesn’t know how to de-escalate her play energy. Here we saw Chop deliberately ignoring her play solicitation after she told him she was uncomfortable. I think Chop was saying, okay, but you need to chill out a little more because you’re just going to get overwhelmed again if we get right back to it. So I wonder if as he gets to know her he’s less cautious and more willing to let her ramp things back up and get more rambunctious.

    If other viewers have a dog who struggles with de-escalation of excitement, Real Dog Yoga (book) is all about helping the dog practice calming down, and kikopup on YouTube is really great at capturing calmness exercises. I tend to struggle with making training too high-energy myself (because I find it fun and exciting too) and these resources have helped me work on that with my incredibly enthusiastic large dog. We still have quite a ways to go on this… it’s not either of our favorite things to practice lol but not getting enthusiastically punched for every paw target is worth working on for me!

  10. This is a very confident dog, but his lack of exposure to people and pets makes him a real wildcard. If he were with me, I wouldn’t let him near kids, small dogs or cats for a long time and he’d be supervised with large dogs. It odd but with this dog it feels like Zak is trying to “speak dog” to a creature who doesn’t “speak dog” himself.

  11. Inertia is showing Chop very good , how she likes to play , she is inviting him to run with her , jumping in front of him , he tries to understand what she means , both are very much focussed on successful play . 👍

  12. This is like watching a Netflix series specially with some glimpse of future. Really excited!! I have been loving all the episodes. Love from India🇮🇳 ❤️

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