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  1. Your Frisbee training video made it soo easy for me to teach my cattle dog ,Zak. He can catch them for hours. We haven’t gotten heel down pat though. 😂

    1. Shock collar, hate all you want but it’s saved their life’s plenty of times

      Only takes a Shock or 2 on lowest level, then you can just use the beep or vibrate for now on.

    2. @Jon R I’m that type of person that could care less about what people do with their dogs. Whatever training method works best for you is obviously fine, every dog is different. Thanks for sharing your experience though. E-collars can truly be a game changer. What brand are you using if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂

    3. It’s a more realistic method when you’re actually walking off leash surrounded by cars, people and other dogs. 👀 It’s so pleasing when they listen and you can leave the leash alone for a while. Partnership on a whole new level.

  2. My dogs both listen off leash. They have bomb proof recall thanks to your training!! I don’t reward with toys tho – my dogs get food carefully portioned out for recall so their weight is kept in check! We practice in the house every day to proof the behaviour

  3. My dogs listen off leash, I train a lot of things without a leash to have it as part of the learning, like I teach leashwalking and heel from off leash indoors so that I can just hook on a leash and do the same behavior as a last step.

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