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  2. @ZakGeorge!! HELP!! I have a 9 week old English Staffordshire / Australian Shepherd puppy named Rollo, he’s been with us for a week exactly. Typical puppy problems that your videos have been immensely helpful with, but one question:

    I’ve tried to start socializing him early. I take him to my office and we keep each other company all day, he plays well in the office and is great EXCEPT he is extremely afraid of other people. His tail goes between his legs and he growls or nips out of fear when anyone gets near him. I watched your other video with the older puppy and older dog Millie, but he doesn’t let anyone else within 6 ft of him without cowering and nervous growling. I understand his apprehension completely, everything is new and scary until I show it isn’t. But I don’t know how to show him it isn’t.

    My question is two-fold,
    First and foremost how do I overcome this?
    Second, when he gets scared I go back and forth on petting him because I don’t know if I’m: A) soothing him and teaching him it’s okay or B) Rewarding/Reinforcing his resistance to strangers. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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