You NEED to do THIS if your dog won’t listen to you…

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22 Comments on “You NEED to do THIS if your dog won’t listen to you…”

  1. I do hand feed my 8 month old yellow lab with training for part of her meals most days. Use it for training. Also use carrots cheese sticks, apples, salmon, chicken for higher value. Not a problem because both my labs (9 year old) love to eat anything food or not –

  2. I so agree!!! Hand feeding dogs creates such a great boding experience. Even if you have a well trained dog the improvement in how well your dog responds to you is incredible.

  3. For a second I thought you said “human” food! I was like, Soylent Green!

    Slick video. They keep looking better.
    But same great content too!

  4. I hand feed puppies or dogs I’m training. I have a rat terrier, a chiweenie, and a karelian bear dog puppy. Lately my dogs work then get their whole bowl. Breakfast is how I taught (and each day reinforce) sit, down, focus, and a version of a release command “have it” with all my dogs.

    My rat terrier LOVES to do tricks. One of my favs, he throws his paws up when I draw a finger gun “put em up!” he does a play growl in protest and I say “bang!… bang!” and he drops to the first shot and growls and looks at me, the second shot he “dies”. He does tricks for pets, praise, or toys. I shaped my new puppy to “hug” other dogs bc she used to jump around like a maniac for food and step on my other dogs.

    I am a dog walker and I found your channel for inspiration and to see if I can learn anything from you. I’ve never had an issue with loose leash walking or e collar training, I’m here for talking to the owners. I like the vids you post talking to the dog owners or working with human clients. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lindos videos ,tengo 2 acd y tus videos me an ayudado a entrenarlis . Voy lento pero muy seguro de lo que estoy haciendo Muchas gracias pir tus videos.I thank you grate videos.

  6. Bigger spoon for raw – of course! So obvious once seen. Huge thanks for that tip. I see that you are displaying the “sit pretty”/”beg” motion. I trained my dog to do that (and it was one of his favourite tricks – he loved doing it even without prompting) but then read and saw so many articles about how damaging it can be unless done in perfect posture (leg position/straight back etc) that I stopped doing it as I was concerned that I may be unintentionally damaging my dog. I know many trainers use it as it the basis for many impressive behaviours so I wondered if you’d think it wise to add one of those “don’t do this at home” type comments?

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