Your Complete Puppy Training Schedule By Age

In this video, I'm going to show you a puppy training schedule by age, so you can plan your training sessions with your new puppy! Did you know that a puppy's brain is fully developed by the age of 7 weeks? That means, by the time your puppy is ready to come home with you they're ready to learn! Knowing where you should be at with your training can be helpful. It is actually more important to understand where you are with your own puppy in terms of progressions, but having a straight forward guide that allows you to schedule your puppy training can be a great way to measure your progress!

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Crate Training A Puppy:

Reliable Skills With The T.R.A.I.N. Strategy:

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52 Comments on “Your Complete Puppy Training Schedule By Age”

    1. @Siyestrietza I trained my cat as practice for a future service dog prospect for myself, making sure I touched up on my training skills. She knew 26-30+ commands in the dragon language from my favorite video game I played for seven years, along with a little English and French. I plan on teaching my future service dog prospect fully in the dragon language as well, haha.

  1. My puppy is 10 weeks old, he sits, stayes, goes down, stands, heels and sits when I come to stop; all on command. I started his training since his 7th week.

    1. @Norton1531 His Name is Huxlee. Today is one week. I found out that the people may have offered him to early…He was born Nov 27 and we got him Jan 9th (6weeks and 1 day) is that too early? he has cried at night i feel so sad for him. He sleep with us i know i will most likely regreat that lol..

    2. @Sassy Gal Cool name! Does it have any meaning or did you just like the sound of it? 6 weeks is a bit early, yeah. The pups are learning important lessons from their mum and brothers/sisters over the first few weeks, so it’s your job to gently socialize him yourself now, when normally he’d be getting that from his own dog family. Shouldn’t be the end of the world though, I’m sure he’ll be absolutely fine. As for him sleeping with you, that’s OK at the moment, but just wait til he’s 6 months old and a decent size/weight!! He’ll soon be dominating your bed and not leaving much room for you, never mind you and your other half! And I’m speaking from experience here!!!! As long as he gets off the bed when you tell him to, that’s fine, but I bet you anything that as soon as you fall asleep he’ll get back on. I try and have Kobi’s bed on the floor beside my bed, but whenever I wake up he’s back on the bed with me. And he takes some shifting! He’s just about to turn 6 months old and he’s 27.5Kg. That’s a big lump to be pushing to the other side of the bed at 4am!!!!!

    3. Mine is same. This stuff works as well as your consistency level is my experience. It works so well that my puppy learned jump over it by almost accident. I saw him jumping over doorframes when we come in so I started saying jump over it! YES! Today I said jump over it when he was trailing a few feet behind me for a change, and he crouched into position and started trying to figure out how tf I expect him to jump over it from three feet away. I underestimated him because I never treated him for jump over it, but he learned it anyway.

    4. @Norton1531 woaw I hadn’t thought too seriously about that….we r old and married we can just keep him off the bed 2 days a month LMBO
      As for the name I can not recall, but I feel in love with it when I heard it. Hobby says it’s also the last name of an author.
      The McCann channel helps a ton. Keeps me motivated

  2. I’m trying to adopt a new puppy and I really want to train it well, this will be my first dog ever and I’m so excited but also a little nervous. Thank you for this helpful video!

    1. Where i live it’s ilegal to have your dog in a crate unless the door i taken of the crate entirely, it’s allso ilegal to have a lead on indoors for some reason. But i have 5 weeks of vacation with my new pup and the he comes with me to work, so we are to getter 24/7 😁

  3. When my dog was a puppy training sit he would randomly come and sit to get treats 😂 like on the walk sit I got him when I was 7 I’m 20 now he’s an old boy 🙂

  4. 19:04 very important! my dog went deaf because my family couldn’t recognize the ear infection in time. we did notice the smell but didn’t understand though. Make sure to smell the ears

  5. Your a freiken Godsend. Like 4 real. I guess I messed up for the first two days but you are really helping me out here. Ty so much !! Last time I adopted a dog they were an adult already. So this puppy thing is new to me.

    1. I was literally thinking the same thing! There’s something to learn here. Most people can engage when it’s for something they actually care about. I’ve been sitting here listening to every word very closely and I’ve never done this in school haha.

  6. I’m saving this playlist. I’m getting a longhaired chihuahua puppy in May (she was just born a week ago). I’ve been waiting for a puppy for over a year now! Now that she’s actually born, my Rory is going to be super spoiled and I can’t wait. The next couple of months is going to be absolute torture to me lol

  7. My puppy is 7 weeks old I got her at 6 weeks. She’s a sweetheart but whenever you try to put a harness on her or sometimes play with her or take something away from her she tries to bite me. Sometimes it’s just her biting because she’s teething and others I don’t think it’s because she’s aggressive, she just thinks everything is a game. I tried saying ouch when she bites me but she just gets excited and uses me as a chew toy

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