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  1. Thanks for the information then I definitely will try and look on what are his reaction the highest with when walking him and giving a treat to him if he don’t react to anything are e collars good to correct the dog with a reactivity to some things like bicycles,people running,dogs running,door bell reactivity and more

    1. That’s sad. I cant believe anyone who calls themselves a animal lover would use one. Do we really need a animal to listen that much??? I’ve had so many dogs and have never had ti use shocking to train one. I think the owners need to be trained better.

    2. @michael123 cody I’m a little late, however I would still like to jump in here. I prefer my dogs to be well mannered and well behaved. Not only is it an extension of myself but it is also good for my dog. Fun fact dogs are actually happier with structure and training than they are with total free will. It’s basic dog psychology. There is always an alpha and they always follow the alphas rules. Now to the e-collar. There are some e-collars that shock, sure. But there are also many that literally vibrate. Go ahead put it around your neck, it kinda tickles. It’s meant for dogs with legit ADHD or habits that have been in play for years. Same reason people use a pinch collar or a verbal que like tchhhh to get their dogs attention. Just depends on the habit and the dog themselves.

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