How to Get Your Puppy To Stop Crying and Whining!

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95 Comments on “How to Get Your Puppy To Stop Crying and Whining!”

    1. Aileen Diamanti i dont suggest even getting them into the habit of peeing on pee pads. My pup always woke me up in the night if he wanted to pee by crying because he didnt want to pee in the area which he sleeps. Sometimes he does pee on his bed, but hes learning to hold it. Try to get him into that habit so later on it will get easier. Hope this helped. ❤️

  1. Clementine is absolutely gorgeous 😍😍😍😍I love when puppies are all floppy and their ears and legs are all over the place! So much fun, we’re so blessed to have dogs in our lives

  2. The puppy years can be difficult but Zak is always so enthusiastic! It helps me to remember to stop and enjoy them and not worry so much about the negative. Thanks Zak 🙂

    1. Same, I just got a new puppy and I was so frustrated but when I rewatched his videos I was reminded patience and to focus on the positive lol

    2. Yeah he’s pretty enthusiastic. And he has good suggestions. But, I cannot walk my 6 month old puppy because she bites the leash.

    3. Couldn’t agree more. It has totally changed my view on puppy training. I am pretty sleep deprived and cranky resulting in me being grumpy with my puppy at times. These videos have helped me refocus and emphasize the positives which consequently improves my mood despite being tired. Total game changer

  3. My pup whines ALL the time. And I still can’t figure out why. I give her a bone, it’ll work for about 30 minutes. Then she will go back to whining and barking. Literally ALL day.

    1. Joanne Rede this tip makes me very excited. We definitely regretted getting our last dog and ultimately returned her because we couldn’t train her correctly. She came with bad habits from her previous home. This makes me excited to get a new dog.

    2. Like said above, DON’T give her a bone treat every time she whines! This rewards the behavior and she’ll keep whining thinking it’s a good thing.

    1. @Justin I decided to try something new and now I bought a dog kennel and I added some blankets and what I do is keep him loose in the house the whole day. When it’s time to sleep I go to my room and since I already spent a day getting him use to his kennel he just goes right in at night and sleeps. I make sure to not close the kennel door and leave his potty pad near the kennel in case he goes at night. I keep his regular bed as well in case he wants to switch and his food and water. I have been sleeping 8 hours for a good 2 weeks and I couldn’t be happier

    1. 19keverick91 Elli has always been good and quite in her crate. Problem is when she out of crate. Very hyper and chews on everything. I mean you have watch her ever second. She try’s to chew on windows, corners, lamp shades anything. She pulls paint off walls to. Chewed the molding at bottom of wall. About 2 feet was chewed up. I was only gone 2 minutes 😱. Hopefully when she stops cutting teeth she will stop the chewing. She is a smart dog and was potty trained in one day. I got her at 7 weeks. (5 months now). She learned to sit to. So I am hoping when she gets out of puppy stage she will be better.

    2. 05 Productions no I don’t leave water in crate. She spills it. I do leave food if she has not ate before I go to work. Usually her food bowl has already been finished. Then I feed her again when 8 get home after work

    3. I’ve got a puppy 2 years ago and first 3 weeks was horible crying and bathroom really often but me and my boyfriend (now husband) worked it out now its really easy we said we won’t get another dog but we ended up having a puppy now (10weeks old) , we love them both and it was worth every minute of non sleep.

  4. I got so lucky with my baby, he never cries at night even from the first day and he never barks lol he’s so sweet and fun. His only issue has been having accidents and using your tips has really stopped them!! He’s 3 months 💞💞

    1. Mine is 2 months old, he likes to explore the house at night when he wakes up but he just cries of happiness when he sees me get up, I love him so much

    2. I got my Shepard 2 weeks ago and with Zak’s tips have made it so easy to house train him and he doesn’t whine at night now bc he used to keep me up ALL night but now he’s so much better 🥰❤️

  5. So basically it’s this:

    1. Exercise your dog throughout the day.
    2. Try to limit long naps during the day.
    3. Ignore the barking (set a timer to see how long it really goes on for).

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