How To Calm An Excited Dog (First Meeting) – Live Dog Demo!

Today I want to give you an inside look into my live show, and how I worked to teach Tony the dog the right way to meet other people!
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In this live dog demo, Cesar Millan works with Tony, an overly excited dog who jumps and pulls on the leash when he meets new people. Using Tony's nose and sense of smell, Cesar works to teach Tony calm energy and the right behavior!

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93 Comments on “How To Calm An Excited Dog (First Meeting) – Live Dog Demo!”

    1. Ceasar help we had a 12 old Boxer who passed 2 days before Christmas. Our new Boxer Puppy was doing great with him. But since he passed she is hyper, and pee’s when we take her out. PLEASE HELP

    2. @Kristin Capone He has an episode with an aggressive chow, but regretfully I can’t remember the name of the show and the episode number. The chow does nip at Cesar’s hand but Cesar ignored him the entire time Cesar sets next to the owner on the couch within the dog’s space, imposing himself as the alpha. No one made eye contact with the dog nor paid any attention to him until the doggie stopped the bad behavior. I actual tried his with my friend’s dog and it worked. I stood firm in the dog’s space while he was growling behind his mommy’s skirt. But completely ignored him with a calm energy and attitude. When the growl just stopped his mommy made eye contact with him and the growl started again. Then we completly ignored him and once he stop growling and laid down I bent over to pet him. We are now great buddies:-) Thank you, Cesar ❤

  1. Smart dog. He figured out how to condition hooman so that it brings smelly-tasty food.
    All it takes is, when you sit the hooman will give food.
    Hoomans are easy!

    1. @The Griffin Nah. Wolfs could be taimed because they evolved to live in a pack structure. But with wolfs, when one of them gets old or dies they don’t stop and wait. They just move on without that individual. Through breeding dogs selectively, we definitely brought out a sense of loyalty in them. Some dogs are more loyal than other tho, it’s individual. But some breeds like German Shepherds are known for making strong relationships with only a single owner (and often for life, even if the owner dies before them). Dogs are considered part of the family by most people for a reason.

    1. @Nick Dowling You must be one of those haters or maybe just a moron by nature. I still don’t understand why people watch Cesar if they envy the guy so much.

    1. @Luis Torreón Lmao. I think they meant they finally taught the last of three dogs to be obedient??? So “3 dogs later”? Lmao. I don’t know.

    1. @punk4rockorz dog is NOT a wolf. Infact the alpha dog theory in wolves doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Dogs don’t think your another dog. They don’t try to be alpha, They recognize that we as humans suck at recognizing dog body language. Behavioral scientist have done tons of research in this and have come to the conclusion that
      1: alpha theory is bogus
      2: dominance and aversion training is harmful and doesn’t train a dog properly.

    2. @puzzle247365 I suggest you watch videos of a real dog trainer
      Zak George all positive reinforcement with real results. Negative reinforcement doesn’t train a dog to do what you want. It trains them to fear not doing something. Instead of training them to want to walk by you, They fear not doing so. Studies by behavioral scientist have shown that these methods only force the dog to repress thier actions. It leads to increase in stress and aggression
      Infact dogs trained with aversion methods avoid eye contact with thier owner. Why? Because dogs and humans avoid eye contact with things that cause us stress. Do you want to be something that causes your dog stress?

    3. N the only thing I see is another person commenting without any content of their own. I have a wonderfully well rounded dog that I’ve raised using Cesar’s methods and she’s so well behaved and loved by everyone whom encounters her. Have a wonderful rest of your day :).

    4. Jennifer Higgins

      Haters gonna hate.

      Fact is Ceaser has done more positive for animals than you can imagine. There isn’t a one size fits all for anything in life. You should reduce your hatred for someone because of envy and learn to be a better person yourself. You may find out that you don’t know everything after all.

    1. 😂 I thought it was just me! My boss asked what caused the positive change in my leadership. I let her know it was Cesar’s dog training methods.

    1. RIGHT! I’ve watched Mr Milan for years. I’m not and have never been an animal owner, but I learn how to deal w the bitches at my job from watching him! 🤭😂 Kidding, but so serious. 🤭😂

    1. Doberman’s are such a great breed!!! Had 1 for 14 years,just like you said…”without a doubt the best dog on the street.” I grew up with her,was 5 when we got ‘Lady’. She slept with me every night,was loyal,trained as a guard dog and obedience….’lady’ was perfect. We unfortunately had to say goodbye after she got breast cancer a second time. First time we had her operated, but the 2nd time,she was 14,and had arthritis (had a really hard time going up stairs, we helped her) r,bladder problems, asthma and a couple of other age related problems. Lady had lived such a beautiful life,we couldn’t stand to be selfish,it was time. My mom and I stayed with her until Lady took her last breath (I had to be with her,I needed the peace of mind that she fell asleep and did not suffer.
      It’s been 31 years since i said goodbye to Lady,I still miss her so much!! I will definitely have another dobie,one day. Best of luck to you and your pup on your journey through life together. 🙂

    1. I’m just such a huge fan of his and have been for over a decade, using his techniques to train a few dogs myself. Hell, his methods made me better with PEOPLE.

  2. “The leash is just for boundaries”. If only people could understand this. There would be no need for gladiator cages at parks, leash laws etc….we are backwards in our thinking when it comes to dogs.
    Most people shouldn’t even own dogs, especially power breeds….most shouldn’t even have kids.

    1. ThreeDogMama great story thanks for sharing! I think pit bulls especially have that sense of when there pack leader or home is being threatened more so than other breeds.

  3. I’ve watched most of Cesar Millan’s shows on TV and feel that animal rights activists need to learn about what he actually did in all those shows. Each show was a milestone in the fight for animal rights, as he created balanced, happy behavior in dog after dog after dog using principles drawn from meditation and a deep understanding of dog psychology and behavior.

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