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  1. This was helpful, nicely narrated & neatly edited… you even include stock info if anyone wants the same one you used…. so the thumb-downs are a bit incomprehensible to me. (Yes, I know: the internet.) Thanks for posting this and bon chance avec L’Aiglon.

  2. Awesome video and great presentation. I bought one of these. I saw u installed the divider. Mine came with a divider as well. What’s the divider used for??? Thank you.

    1. Puppies usually won’t soil the area where they sleep, so you use the divider to make the crate smaller for this purpose. Use the divider to make the crate just a bit bigger than the puppy is. Then as the puppy grows you move the divider towards the rear of the crate to accommodate its growth.

    2. Oh ok…Thank God I don’t have this problem. My puppy does not go to the restroom inside the crate or inside the house. I just take him outside and then he goes. He’s very good at controlling that. Thank you for your response 🙂

    1. @callum aizaz don’t be rude he didn’t know and maybe he didn’t know
      image I call you stupid lmao would you be happy about that? That’s Simple but if u call them stupid it would be a problem and they will start drama

    2. @callum aizaz if it’s so simple why are you even here commenting. It’s so ironic you are just spreading negativity because you have pent up aggression. Go fix your life. Wake up

  3. Thank you sooo much! The four photos on the tag were of no help. Your video is easy to follow. Website for the crate, no help. I have the very large crate, 48″. Son’s dog is preggers, due any day, thought this would be helpful. Son’s in FL for hurricane cleanup. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the video! The instructions were inside the cage which was no help with not knowing how to open it to even get to them. Your video was all I needed.

  5. Thank you so much! The instructions that came w this huge crate was not very clear at all! I just broke a rib so my patience left me with the pain level of assembly of the big mystery box. Thank you so much!!!😂

  6. Thank you! My crate arrived slightly bent so it was difficult for me to open. I thought I was doing something wrong. Turns out, the crate is difficult

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