The BIGGEST Mistake People Make With Crate Training A Puppy

Crate training a puppy is one of the best ways to keep the puppy safe as well as to make sure that your puppy is always getting GOOD information for their learning. There is one thing that SO many puppy owners overlook though, and it's making the puppy crate training process so much more difficult than it has to be. In this video, I will tell you about the BIGGEST mistake you're making with your crate training and exactly how to fix that! You'll find out how to stop your puppy from barking in their crate, how to stop those accidents in the crate, and how to teach your puppy that their crate is a safe and comfortable place to be!

Crate Training Your Puppy Doesn't Have To Be Stressful:
Stop Your Dog From Barking In The Crate At Night:
4 Reasons Your Puppy Is Still Having Accidents In The Crate:
Is Crate Barking Driving You Crazy? Here's How To Fix It:
Is Your Puppy Ready To Stop Using A Crate?:
The Trick To Stop Your Puppy From Bursting Out Of The Crate:

Housetraining Tips:

Chapters In This Video:
00:00 Crate Training
1:19 Building Value
3:16 Crate Training Schedule
4:52 The Exercise That Everyone Underestimates
9:03 Accidents In The Crate
13:04 When Is Your Puppy Ready To Graduate Out Of The Crate

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48 Comments on “The BIGGEST Mistake People Make With Crate Training A Puppy”

  1. Fantastic advice as always. We’ve been practicing this from some of your previous videos. It totally works & very quickly, my pups go into their crates & eagerly wait their treat. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you Ken, I’ve searched YouTube and Google for an hour looking for tips on crate training… this was far and away the most helpful, clear and BS-free video that I found. Thank you for the quality content, and thank you for not spending 3 minutes trying to sell us a specific crate.

    2. My pup was comfortable with the crate initially. But another pup showed him to chew on crate door and tried to rescue him from it. Since then my pup is not comfortable being in crate. I don’t know how to crate train him anymore. Tips please.

  2. Ken! I’ve had my two 13 week old Shelty pups 4 weeks today. I’ve applied ALL of your methods and my pups LOVE their crates! I stopped the door dashing in literally one session with them! Sometimes they’ll even run into their crates when they have “free” time in the house. Anyway, my biggest concern is that when I do have to get back to the office in the next 2 months.. I can’t find a good toy to keep these guys busy. I’ve gotten them antlers, nylabones, and other toys. I use the Kongs when they’re supervised and fill them with tiny cheese cubes. Any advice????

    1. Hi I watched a video on YouTube which had soaked dog food in the Kong and then frozen, topped the opening with peanut butter. I bet that would help.

  3. I pick up my border collie x koolie puppy Jasper in four days, I’m super excited! These tips are awesome! I used to never like the idea of crate training but now I think it’s such an amazing thing that your dog could have. Thankyou for all the videos they are super helpful!

    1. @angela popham Im confused about the crate the only thing I can see as useful is that if they are small and can get into things or for puppy training only but not anything else. What if your dog needs to protect your home and hes locked inside.

  4. This was incredibly helpful. Many of these tips I have heard, but the way you put the info together really helped me understand why my pup is so restless in his crate.

  5. Great info! I am bringing a new puppy home this weekend. I cannot wait but also still learning as much as I can beforehand. My plan is to use two different crates. One in the basement entertainment room, with a wide open area to play and train in. I will put up a play pen as well. This will be a metal/cage crate.

    I also want to teach her to like her plastic travel crate so I can move that all over the house dependant on where I am at the time. I would bring it to my office so I can get some work done while she naps, I can pay attention to if she needs to potty, etc. I also will bring it to the bedroom at night and place it near the bed.

    Is having two different crates going to be a huge deal? Especially with a 7 week old puppy? Can I go about crate training the same for both of the crates? Should I emphasize one over the other in some way? I really appreciate the help and advice your videos have provided me already. Thanks for all of them!

  6. We’ve always used a puppy area, I’ve raised Jack Russells, one of the more difficult breeds, but now have Italian Greyhonds, which they have their challenges too. Great information.

    1. @Marcelo Parodi He’s just speculating that these people aren’t doing this for free. Yes, the videos help, but thats the point of building a YouTube channel.

  7. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I started feeding my puppy (Newfoundland/Pyrenees mix named Wilbur who is SO CUTE if I do say so myself) in his crate and dropping the kibble in like Kayl suggested and he is doing so much better! He slept through the night the past two nights and I can’t thank you enough.

  8. Funny thing is, when it’s time to get my new puppy out of my crate I have to reach in and get him. He likes his crate so much that he takes himself in there. I did not crate train him. He trained himself.

    1. Yeah, our dog really liked her “box”, she chose to go in there as a place to relax away from people, but tbh we wouldn’t close the door on her at any time other than absolutely necessary (travelling in the car etc) so it was a place that just felt like her wee space

    1. @Oscar Hanzely have u really watched the video? They used a dog that has had no crate training…
      And I tried this with my aunt’s 11 months old puppy, that has no crate training, and it worked…

    2. Just got my puppy last week and we put him in there whenever he was tired. Wired crate plus a bed and then during the day do the treat trick to get him used to going in. Once he got used to sleeping in there for nap time we left it open.

  9. This video is so incredibly valuable! I had to place my puppy, whom I brought home only five days ago from about 500 miles away, in a crate for the drive home, than a lot during the first three days because he was not potty trained. So he didn’t like his crate. Then two days ago I was able to start crate training following your suggestions, and he already walks into the crate on his own.
    I’m so very grateful for the wonderful videos you share so generously❣❣❣ Between your videos, and another trainer that I follow, I feel that I’m in a great start with my puppy❣❣ 🙏🏾🙏🏾💜🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. I’m so happy these videos are public and free. I think a big problem for owners who don’t have trained dogs isn’t just time but having no money. They may be training a lot but doing it wrong and can’t get help because they can’t afford it.

  11. As a suggestion, I have 3 dogs. 16yo, 8months & nearly 3 months. I’ve always considered myself as a someone who has a decent understanding of dogs and ability to train them. Since adding a 3rd puppy it’s been a difficult process. He is a Rottweiler. Fantastic puppy, however, having 2 puppies the 8 month old who is such a well behaved fella (German Shepherd x Husky x Staffordshire bull terrier) constantly distracts my Rottie due to energy/enthusiasm. Due to his age of 8months he is also very jealous, but loves the rottie. He just needs to be engaged at all times when trying to train the Rottie. I would love a video on how to train in a scenario where you have multiple dogs. Without isolating, if that is possible? I’m definitely getting there but it takes much longer and I can’t find any videos online.

  12. For everyone saying “what if my pup isn’t motivated by treats?” You train them while they’re hungry. Don’t feed them till it’s training time (so train in the morning before breakfast). Make your pup work for the food.

  13. These videos are so incredibly helpful. I’m getting a puppy soon and can’t wait to put them into practice, they’re helping me feel a little more confident. Thank you so much!!!

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