How to Leash Train your Puppy!

How to train your dog to walk nicely while on leash. This video is sponsored by Petflow! PETFLOW'S *NEW* OFFER: Enter discount code ZAK30 at checkout to get $10 off your first THREE automatic shipments!!!

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63 Comments on “How to Leash Train your Puppy!”

  1. This is good to know! I pick up my puppy in 2 days ! So I’m finding your videos super helpful!

    edit: puppy passed away at 6months old, got a new one and he’s incredible ♥️🥺

  2. I see that you do a lot of training for dogs who can see, but my dog is unfortunately blind and the other is deaf. Can you do a video for blind/deaf dogs, who can’t make eye contact or hear the clicker?

  3. I’ve been using your training technique for my new puppy he’s 5 1/2 months now and he’s probably the most well behaved and mellow puppy I’ve ever had. I’m hoping to be able to get him PAT tested soon so he can be my service dog. Thanks for sharing what you do Zak.

  4. Amazing video! Have been waiting for this one a long time coming!
    One question: how do you handle a puppy that swallows everything during it’s first walks?

    1. yes this happeneds with my dog too. my dog will bite the leash, and not follow my footsteps while on the leash (hes 7 weeks old so that explains it), and he will lay down at random moments.

    1. @Viktor Halaj My puppy isnt interested in treats or toys. Just wants to play with us. All these videos make it look so easy but it is not so in real life

    2. @NotmyName yep. I thought that my puppy already got it and that there will be no problems anymore. Boy was I wrong. When I take my dog for a walk it’s like a different dog. He is too distracted to listen to me or my commands and he will pull like crazy even if we are standing and not moving he will pull to the point he can’t breathe properly. And I can’t really even teach him in my garden to walk properly since he is the same everywhere as long as he has a leash on. If he does have a leash on he doesn’t care about food, play, or anything else; just pulling and trying to sniff and jump on everything.

  5. My puppy freaks out any time we put on a leash, as soon as he feels the slightest tug he goes crazy crying and yelling and trying to get away. He doesn’t even care for the snacks 😕

    1. @M M same. He starts going pretty ok but the moment he wants to go other direction he starts sulking and jumping and rolling and biting the leash so I can’t take him anywhere. The f am I supposed to do. He isn’t very motivated either. The treats or games work sometimes but when he isn’t in the mood for a game or a treat he won’t listen.

  6. When I try to walk my puppy he just sits there and tries to eat his leash. He’s 5 months. He’s getting used to the harness we have tho he’s completely fine in it. Love your vids.. they’re so helpful..! x

  7. I became a first time puppy owner yesterday, and I appreciate your videos. I have been working on sit with treats, but now he has caught on and just always sits and waits for treats. I tried taking him for a walk but we get outside and he just sits and stares at me, I offer treats to try and motivate him and he just stares at me lol. 11 week old standard poodle.

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