How to Train a Dog to Walk on Leash Without Pulling

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59 Comments on “How to Train a Dog to Walk on Leash Without Pulling”

  1. I’d actually like to see a video of you working with a reactive dog. All i’ve seen so far are videos of you working with dogs that are docile in nature. Reactive dogs are a whole new element and i think a lot of people would benefit from seeing different personalities being worked with.

    1. Blond_Albatraoz _ he just uploaded a video a few weeks back on a very reactive golden retriever. I’ve been following his techniques and they really work. My dog has never behaved better on walkies!!! Going to the park is my next goal.

    2. I agree. Most training videos I’ve seen are with dogs WAY different than the dog I’m dealing with. I want to see more training with difficult dogs, not the calm, docile or already trained dogs. I want to see how Zac would handle a 14 week old stubborn, hyper-active Vizsla like the one I’m trying to train. Then I could relate and compare to see what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried his method but my Vizsla ignores me even while holding treats right under his nose. Might be time to call Cesar Milan.

    3. @Rob Casebolt try cesar’s method, no need to bring treats while walking, just use a slip knot leash and place it at the top of the neck and always wait for the dog to be calm before exiting the gate nd don’t let the dog lead u on the walks

  2. what should I do if my dog isn’t into food rewards or toys when she’s more interested in the surroundings? she will do everything possible to look around me..she’s great in the house, really bright and compliant. totally different dog outside!

    1. Take your dog out when he’s hungry. The best time is in the morning with an empty stomach. And make sure your treat is something he doesn’t get but at walks. For example, if he really likes chicken, only give him chicken when on a walk. If it’s jerky, make it jerky. Whatever is his favorite, make it that. Make sure your treats are small enough so he doesn’t get full before the train is over. If he’s a small breed, make it extra small. Don’t try to get it the first time out. Consistency is the key. 10 minutes everyday for a week is better than an hour for a day.

    2. 1) Start training her to pay attention on you inside your home. 2) Take her out when she’s hungry and more interested in your treats and when it’s not busy outside. 3) Start in your backyard or right next to your door and repeat it until she gets the concept. Only then start taking steps away from home.

    3. @Dusan Acimovic I agree with you 100% Food should be a reward for the state of mind the dog is in. This is the difference between positive reinforcement training and dog psychology. For example: when my pit had puppies I didn’t have to “train” any of them to walk on a leash. They just knew from the moment they were born that I was the boss and they followed behind me anywhere we went. I remember taking two of the puppies to a kid’s birthday party at a park when they were about 8 weeks old and everyone there was so shocked that these tiny puppies were “trained” so well that I did even need a leash for them to follow me around

    4. @A n n a It’s great to hear that especially because you have pit bulls and people are generally towards them getting an association of “savage beasts without any hope” even though that is far from reality.

  3. I started this kind of leash training only four or three days ago with my 7 years old cockerspaniel and I have to say that this is the best method so far and I have tried almost everything before..! He is already understanding this and it is also pleasant way to teach so thank you! Maybe we can finally get rid of barking to other dogs while walking too by using this suprisingly simple style 🙂

    1. +Soccer9Hope GA No, he still does it but I believe that we just need to work more. But walking nicely without other dogs has improved very nicely – no more pulling untill he sees another dog :”D

    2. How does your dog do now? I’m currently trying this one week with my 7 years old king charles cavalier spaniel. She is now walking on leash without pulling very well untill there comes a distraction, especially other dogs. There has been a lot of progress so far and I want to see if others have older dogs with the same behaviour and made good progress aswell.

    1. @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution Hey, my dog is a hunting dog bred to hunt bears so her nose is RIDICULOUS!!! Walking is a challenge because she’ll smell something like 500 yards away and sprint. She is sweet and never barks but this is a real problem. Any way you can help? btw I adore ur channel and think that u should have at least 10 mil subs. Wish u weren’t so busy so u could actually reply :(. Maybe do a video with an untrained hunting hound? i dunno love ur channel tho and i subscribe

  4. Before pulling on your dogs leash, image that there was things you’ve always wanted to see around you all over just a foot away but everyone wouldn’t let you, that’s what your dog feels like

  5. I really appreciate how Zak trys to tell people that pit bulls aren’t bad! Any breed can be a great dog they just need proper training! I myself have never had a pit bull it has always been German Shepherds, but I still appreciate it!

    1. @Steven Ipswich maybe so, but have you looked into the upbringing and type of people that own these pit bulls that have attacked. You will most likely find that there are a lot of nasty low life people that get them because they fit their agender of being intimidating and some are most likely involved in crime, hence are nasty and abusive to the dog when they dont do what they want or they just feel like taking something out on the dog. These kind of owners also associate with bad people that have social problems which shows the dog very aggressive unsettling behaviour. It’s all mostly environmental input bar some dogs that may have neurological issues or other illness. Thing is any dog has the potential to become aggressive or attack, it’s just that pitbull type dogs already have an image of being very strong and intimidating so people go with the assumption. I have found that all the ones I have known are lovely dogs, just sometimes very excitable. Try actually owning or getting to know one before using statistics that give you no history or understanding of the dogs life. If I was treated like s**t and abused then I would bite too.

    2. The only way i could see people , or a person changing there minds , is if a pit saved there life ,,, and then it still might now happen . Your right though the media has sterotyped this breed as man eaters. I will say this i have 2 pits , i have loved them unconditionally , trained them to the best of my ability , but they dont like other animals especially cats & opposums . I dont if this behavior can be corrected or its a lost cause . Nevertheless love nor money could buy my baby Bella & Rusty .

    3. Steven Ipswich they where bred for fighting and taking down wild pigs, if you want them to be the kind of dog that loves everything and everybody that’s very hit and miss, yes there lovable but anyone who actually thinks reasonably and does the research on pit bulls with people that have had pit bulls and raise them, and understand what the dogs for will tell you it’s honestly hit and miss, some just HATE other dogs and little kids and some are great family dogs, and I’m not saying that I don’t like them but I don’t want a dog that makes me nervous.
      Not everyone is a dog trainer (even though it seems like nowadays anyone who owns a dog thinks they are) honestly to me there a great dog for a single adult or a couple without smaller kids who can take them with them everywhere. Any dog that’s been bred for a certain job has (at least should have) an instinct and not everyone can handle that, I’ve seen to many people try to raise them and it just doesn’t work

  6. I love that you can tell he really loves dogs. Some trainers get so wrapped up in being professional, they start acting kind of cold. Just because you’re training him, doesn’t mean he isn’t a big, goofy cutie that needs kisses.

    1. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about puppy training tips try Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got great success with it.

  7. 😮😮I’m glad you guys are enjoying the video! Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! @zakgeorge Download the app and follow me there! I’m very active on instagram! I do live shows and post new videos all of the time!

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