Play This Game With Your Dog ANYWHERE

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25 Comments on “Play This Game With Your Dog ANYWHERE”

  1. we do this all the time on rocks out in the woods.. Its really fun! What else you doing fun? I saw this right after I posted my rocking climbing game today!

    1. @Anita Janicke well I got 3 for my dog one is a recall 10 m one, another is a hexi but is retractable and I got another one small rope dog leash which is good to use to but he pulls anyway

    2. Been training dogs longer than you’ve been alive.
      But I really enjoy your videos and your way of explaining your methods.
      Old dog here still learning new tricks.
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I try to use anything I find on walks as a learning opportunity… Bollards and cones we can heel around.
    No joke, yesterday we (respectfully) walked past a gathering for a funeral with a horse drawn carriage… An opportunity to walk through an area with groups of people, which in the pandemic is an area of socialising we missed out on.
    We get creative and go to the dog friendly garden centres, even a seal sanctuary and horse sanctuary that allows dogs.

  3. Good stuff –

    Been working on the structured walk more thoroughly with our 3 year old Belgian Malinois who is ALWAYS excited. We try to wait until she’s calm before beginning walk but when we start walking she goes right to pulling even with prong collar and trying to use treats or verbal “yes” to get her to walk without that slight pull.

  4. I’ve been watching all your videos along w its me or the dog and mcain fog training.

    I have a 9 week old pitsky he is catching on so quick!!!!

    Sit/stay/settle/wait/dropit/leaveit/let me see

    Spin right spin left/ shake/touch/zoomzoom

    And his walking has gotten sooooik well

  5. Natalie, how did you grow your YouTube channel? I just recently started one and only have a couple of videos but I’m feeling a little lost on how to gain an audience. I also do videos with dogs. I’m just trying to figure out how to make it grow? Btw I love your videos! I’ve learned a lot from them!

  6. I do this a lot with my German Shepherd, if it’s a smaller surface like a large tree stump, a bench or a stable utility box, I call it place! I point, say place, then click and treat once he sits. Now he wants to jump on every raised surfaces lol, gets excited & tail wagging, but he looks to me for direction. It has helped bring his attention back to me on walks which is very helpful, and he does think it’s fun, lol

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