STOP Doing Your “Traditional” Puppy Potty Training

Are you optimizing your training while you are out there with your puppy?

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17 Comments on “STOP Doing Your “Traditional” Puppy Potty Training”

    1. Yikes. A first dog a German Shepherd. You can do it but that dog will need intense training and intense exercise. Saying as a person who grew up in a Shepherd breeding household.

  1. This is excellent!!!! I have a 12 week old Cavapoo and she is so dear! I have not treated her for anything I’ve trained her in yet but would like to to take her training to next level! Thank you!!! Are there certain puppy treats you recommend?

  2. I live in an apt. Should i carry my pup down and out to grass outside (rather than let him walk) to avoid pottying in the hallways/stairwell? Or let him get used to holding it until we get outside?

    1. You should carry them to avoid them having an accident! (It’s what McCann Dogs recommend as well). Puppies are not supposed to walk in stairs at all when they’re young, so it’s a win-win to carry them 🙂

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