I was lucky enough to get to drop in on some friends of mine in Florida, the Disc-Connected K9's and got to watch some seriously jaw dropping jam sessions.
Here is just a small piece I share with you!

If you want to know more about the Disc-Connected K9's and their team (World Champions and record breakers) Check them out:

All of these dogs are RESCUES!!!


  1. A M A Z I N G !
    Supercool vid! 😀

    I love playing frisbee with my lab, but she’s too big to jump on my back x) If I ever get a smaller dog, I will totally do all of that! 🙂

  2. WOW. BACK FLIP DOGS! Awesome. And the cross-eyed dog made my day, that was adorable. Hahahah

    Wowowowow!!! I’ve often considered doing frisbee tricks with Sparky… Except for the fact that I can’t throw a frisbee if my life depended on it. It will smack the ground about 2 feet away from me. Or maybe get stuck in a tree. It always goes in the opposite direction I want it too… I guess we’ll have to stick to canine freestyle for now hehe.

    This video is AMAZING Emily!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. how cool is that?! Holly is amazing at frisbee and I’m rubbish 🙁 I do let her down there but she still catches my worst throws! oh how cool it would be to be as good as in this video!

  4. AWESOME!!!!! we are just beginners,but boy oh boy what I would not give to have some tips from ya’ll!
    I have a 15 month old sheltie,that lives for his frisbee~

  5. @860913001 The reason I really like how the Disc Connected K9’s work with their dogs is that they train them like athletes. The same with gymnastics- you can have your daughter do it safely taking step by step, or you could force your daughter to do something and really hurt her body. All of the dogs are in amazing heath the oldest dog Aero being 16 years old (BC) and in prime condition! Also they spend an amazing amount of time working on the perfection of their throws to keep the dogs safe

  6. Wow these guys are amazing. What I just don’t understand is how to get my dog into frisbees. All dogs I have had in my life just aren’t appealed by hard frisbees. At the moment I have a staffy and he is amazing at jumping and catching tennis balls, but they just don’t last long and our shoulders are killing us before he is even tired, so I would love to try frisbee with him. Any tips?

  7. Oh my God! I was so sure these dogs have been taught to catch fresbees from they were like eight weeks old, but then you tell me they are all rescues!? THAT is amazing!

  8. Wow, these dogs are talented, but the throws are absolutely amazing. The air bounce, the kicks, and some reverse trick throws. If the dogs have the desire and drive that’s one thing, but to be able to train tricks and perform such awesome throws is another!

  9. Just taught my shelter dog to back stall this weekend! Now if only I could actually throw the frisbee like this guy LOL.
    Also, love the cross-eyed BC, simply adorable

  10. hi! absolutely amazing work, the dogs and handlers were awesome!
    do you think you could give some insight on how they would have trained the shepherd at 2:35 to bounce the frisbee back with his nose (if that makes sense)

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