How to train DROP IT

How to teach your dog to drop what he has on a verbal cue.

 Does your dog not know to let go of a toy when you ask him to? Would you like to be able to tell your dog to drop your socks? This tutorial goes over how to condition the cue drop it. I suggest to work on teaching the cue drop it in training sessions for 2 weeks before expecting your dog to listen to you to drop something outside of a training session. I learned this method of training Drop It from Kate Palese.

I have two other tutorials on how to teach your dog to drop things. One is a longer more in depth tutorial than this one. And the other shows how you can teach a dog to drop things like food or trash.

How to train a dog to drop it using a chew stick:

Here is a longer version of the tutorial on how to teach drop it:

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– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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33 Comments on “How to train DROP IT”

  1. This method works fine with our dogs.
    What I have learnt over the years:
    The longer you hold on to a tug toy,
    the more difficult it becomes to let go for the dog.
    I am talking about enthusiastic tuggers.

    1. Yes! And the opposite for dogs with not that much interest in tug- the more you work on drop it the less they will want to tug so you have to get them to tug more.

    1. Ah, but it’s tricky because when I make a tutorial I know I can show all the steps with him. So you see the behavior when he is just at the point of understanding the final step. This video is from around 2 weeks ago too. I still have some footage of when I first got him, that I plan to make into tutorials but its just me training him, because I didnt want to ruin my training because he wasnt used to me talking to the camera or stopping to explain stuff.

  2. GREAT tutorial! I always appreciate that you give instructions that apply to “what if” my dog does… I got a kick out of Halo going to the treat hand and then sitting. Funny little puppy. <3

  3. My 1 year old Tervuren has a very short attention span and gets distracted super easily. It is incredibly difficult to train him because of this. Is there a good exercise I can do with him to improve this, or is it just a matter of waiting for him to mature a bit?

    1. This exercise – Basically you do this game a lot at home, the dog starts to see the bowl as the number one distraction, then you bring the bowl places and when you put it down most dogs will stop being distracted by everything and focus their attention on the bowl they are anticipating being released to.

  4. My dog is generally good with the drop command but will not drop stuff when she’s outside. Instead she’s learned to eat it as fast as possible and turn around to ignore me whenever I offer her the treat. I’m giving her really high value stuff and occasionally she does go for it, but she’ll always immediately try to go back for the stick or peach pit or whatever else she was trying to eat unless I pull her away to get done distance. I’ve been training her a couple months now and honestly not getting very good results. Please halp 🙁

  5. Great video. I’ve been doing this with my 10 week pup for a week and he’s perfect. But as soon as I try it when he picks up a twig in the garden, he won’t do it. How to do I transition to more difficult stuff outside?. Many thanks for such good tutorials.

    1. Practice with larger sticks inside and in the back yard, you can also work on fetch. And when he gets something you can say drop, show a toy and run the other way.

  6. Awesome tutorial! However, my dog is having a hard time with this cos when he sees the treat, he ignores the toy no matter how I try to make it exciting. I think he thinks we’re doing the “stop puppy biting” training where I wave clothes and distractions in front of him and I give him treat when he ignores them. He’s very food motivated so even if I try it with a chew treat, he stops getting the chew and just looks into my eyes waiting for me to give him a treat. Haha. What do u think I should do to teach him to drop? 😁

    1. Yeah it takes some time. have the treat on a counter near you that the dog forgets about, get the dog invested in tugging, then say drop and get the treat from the counter. You can also practice the game where you play tug with one toy in your left hand, make it go still, then jiggle an identical toy in your right hand and then switch

    2. @Dog Training by Kikopup i tried putting the treats on the counter and it works better! We play fetch and sometimes tugging with the toy, and he drops more frequently now even if I’m not holding the treat yet. 🙂 thanks a lot! ❤️

  7. These videos are so helpful. I’m about to get my first puppy, and there is a lot of confusing information out there about so-called “dog whisperers” but your training feels intuitively so right on. Thank you for helping the animal-human relationship!

    1. Well, I suggest always going with your gut, you will learn to know your dog the best, and if something seems not right go with that feeling.

  8. Just here to see if this is sometimes difficult with some dogs. My dog literally picked up “drop it” coming back fetching the ball. I would say maybe she’s just really smart, but this dog started barking at a new outdoor fake plant I bought yesterday and the rubber ducky chlorine dispenser 😂

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