Stop Barking at Noises – Professional Dog Training

Train your dog not to bark at noises when inside your house.
In the video I play Volkswagen's "The Bark Side" video in order to use it to train dogs not to bark as a fun challenge. Here is the video to use with your own dogs:

Article on barking at noises:

This video is a remake of one I made in 2019 but I added video examples of the training. This video addresses the issue of barking at noises while in a house or apartment when the owner is home as well as absent. Dogs bark for many reasons. We can assume that dogs are barking at noises they hear outside the house because they are either startled, aroused or worried about the noise. There could also be the aspect of communicating to the other dogs and family members that they have heard a noise, which no doubt we selected dogs to do for thousands of years. Barking can cause problems for us humans, like getting an angry note from the landlord. It can also cause problems for your dog. Worrying or being excited about what is outside while inside can mean that your dog will not be getting as much sleep and this can even cause chronic stress. Reacting to noises while at home is usually one of the root causes of other behavioral problems that show little or no improvement no matter how much time is spent with a behavior modification plan. For example, if you train your dog 100% of the time while on a walk around your neighborhood not to react to people or dogs, but then while you are at work an he reacts to the sounds of the people and dogs outside, it will prevent your training from progressing.

If your dog is reactive or aggressive to people or dogs it’s important to seek the help of a veterinary behaviorist or trainer who doesn’t use physical or psychological intimidation to solve the issues. I suggest looking at the PGG trainer search or the IAABC trainer search.

Barking at the knocking at the door (which Is included at the end of this video for convenience):
The settle:
Go to your bed:
Interrupting undesirable behavior:
Teaching the leave it cue:
Separation training:

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Happy Training! – Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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    1. Yes, I know… 🙁 And when you arrive the dog’s already sensitized to the noises, and so the client is usually sad there is no quick fix besides them putting in the work. I tell them they wont see any results until they have done the training for two weeks a few minutes each day.

  1. so true about the knocking! I was playing recall games last weekend in my garden with them and i used whistling for the first time and each time i whistled they went completely crazy barking and looking for the person. Because our neighbor has sheep and usually whistles for them to come down the mountain

  2. Thank you for this! My 9 month old puppy has only just found her voice and now she barks at EVERYTHING, including familiar noises from within the home (she rarely barks at things outside) and even barks when no one can hear anything at all. Please help. She wakes me up at least a few times a night doing this.

  3. Thanks for the great video, one of my dogs is reactive to outside noises but I didn’t realise jingly dog collars was one of the noises until he started barking when you shook the collars in the video! Now I know what we need to work on!

  4. Just watched this and realised 2 of my most reactive dogs never even noticed all the barking and talking 🤣 Have figured out that my most reactive doggie triggers on smells as well, nose in the air for a few seconds and then flies into a barking fit…been working with her for a long time, when she was first rescued she barked almost constantly but she has made huge progress 🤗

  5. Thanks Emily! If I do this training with my 1.5 yr old rescue chihuahua mix as she is watching passing dogs out the window (she can remain under threshold while I am present with treats), can I expect her to eventually not get aroused by seeing passing dogs? Or is it too ingrained since she is a (young) adult?

  6. Great video! I added a wireless bluetooth speaker when playing the recorded sounds on my phone then I put it close to the area where the sound comes from in the real life situation turning up the volume gradually. Hope this works and may help others too.

  7. I have been training my adopted terrier mix basically only following your methods, you’re a blessing! He’s already improved A LOT, we’ve been doing this for almost 2 months now but he still has a hard time not barking when our neighbors who live on the same floor as we do go in and out their apartments, I think he thinks they’re too close to our door and that sends him over his threshold. He’s alarm barking, I guess. Any further advice would be much appreciated!

  8. Hi Emily! My absolutely calm puppy of 9 months has suddenly (in the past week) started barking at various triggers outside the door (preceded by low growl) ; from people walking in the court to package delivery to garbage trucks; etc – all of which I have proactively trained from the beginning so she stays calm in all those situations. We have spent many hrs doing calm settle in the front porch as she sees various activity but stays settled calmly. So this barking behavior is completely NEW and throwing me off. In fact I have barely heard her bark in the 7 months we have had her. Do I use the same exercises again to reinforce calmness? And manage her access to triggers in addition?

  9. Great video, I am going to try this tips out with my 11 months old Daschund. However, I am struggling to replicate one of the triggers. I have a neighbor that trains his dog in the garage of the building, he normally screams to his dog since he seems to be the opposite of possitive reinforcement. Because of this, my dog barks. I have tried playing sounds similar to people shouting, but she doesnt care.

  10. I think you’re my new favorite channel. Have a new pup who’s mainly chihuahua, have mainly been watching short little videos but weren’t helping much. Was a little intermediated by the longer videos but I am so impressed with how thoroughly you break down the process, it’s exactly what I needed, thank you so much!

  11. Fantastic video. Wish I had found this so much earlier in my dog’s life (now 3 yrs old). She is extremely reactive to sounds in the small apartment we live in especially the doorbell. Problem I’m having with conditioning to the sounds is she hasn’t figured out that it is coming from my phone or device. I can counter condition while playing the sounds as she keeps quiet, but then stopping she run to the door and start barking out of control. It’s like a delayed reaction still thinking that there is something outside there that is frightening to her. Any advice?

  12. I have tried for a week to de sensitize her to the noises outside my apartment door to which she is highly reactive. I even recorded the buzzer sound of my apartment to replay. While I am able to control her threshold level while working on these noise and playing them on my phone; AFTER the training she will return to the door and start barking. So she is quiet during the positive reinforcement of these noises and when the training session is done….she will run to the door and start running around and barking. Even replaying the buzzer sound she is fine BUT when an actual person rings for a package delivery, etc….she absolutely loses her mind. What do you recommend? Will I ever condition her that these sounds mean nothing?

  13. This is so helpful. Thank you so much for all of your videos!
    It’s overwhelming to try to train my 5 1/2 yr old bully mix when I’m at work most of the day. I’m in the process of moving to a new place, because my dog got evicted!
    Wake up call to get him trained.
    New beginnings. New hope. 🙏🙏🙏

  14. Thank you so much – I find so much support in your videos.

    Does this translate to barking at objects even when they don’t make a sound?

    My 4.5 month old Corgi barks at like 30% of my apartment, she may start barking for attention, but then gets all riled up and starts barking at objects in the apartment, and it’s very hard to stop… I think she’s mostly triggered by the big window (floor to ceiling, in a high rise) and the AC unit (close to the floor) from which she at some point managed to knock the cover off.

    Sometimes she’d calmly go there and play, or she also likes to bring her chews to that area, but sometimes she’s like “oh gosh there’s this AC” and goes mad.
    I tried counter conditioning her next to the AC unit by just feeding her next to it, and trying to knock on it, and it’s the same way – she’ll calmly take treats one instant, and the next instant she flips and starts barking (often before I get a chance to knock). She’d also bark if she sees me approach the AC or if I knock on the AC. I tried scattering the treats on the floor as well. It’s extremely hard to hide 30% of the apartment from the dog because of our pretty open layout – her pen is located close to the AC and the window, but I’ve covered as much as I can – I covered the bottom of the windows with cardboard, the AC with a desktop, and hung blankets on her playpen so she can’t see her triggers while in there.

    Does it just take time and patience, or is there something else I can do to discourage the barking?

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