Chihuahua tricks – dog tricks

Dog training tricks with a chihuahua clicker training positive training

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  1. Working with shelter dogs, reading tons of books (marine mammal books too), teaching classes, apprenticing to other trainers, going to conferences, working with my own dogs. Dogs are the best teachers!

  2. Congratulations to both of you! You’re an amazing trainer and she is a super smarty pants!

    Thanks too for being a rescuer 🙂

    PURE chi or not (I think you’re right about the rat terrier maybe?) she is purely a perfect pooch, and you are obviously a perfect pet parent!

  3. I am so happy I found you! You are just amazing and both of your puppies are adorable! There is so much joy and love in your home! What a treat to be invited into your lives through these videos! God bless you and your wonderful and beautiful fur babies! Tanya

  4. Fragile yes, but not useless! She turns off the lights for me every night 🙂 My friend refers to Chi’s as ‘Pocket Wolves’ as they are more like a wild animal than say Labs.

  5. I love watching this video. It is a testament to your patience and your dog’s smarts.
    I just got a wonderful and responsive four year old chihuahua from a rescue group and have started teaching him tricks.
    How old is your dog and how long did this training take? Was she a puppy when you started?

  6. I always get so tingly watching Kiko move, she has such a lovely elegance and dainty dance-like gait. Love watching the connection between you both, always makes me so happy.


  7. Kiko is so cute! It’s great to watch her doing these cool tricks! All the chihuahuas I’ve seen so far are kinda shy (except one i know and now Kiko) and scared because ppl don’t sosialize them cuz they think they don’t need that cuz they’re so small. But Kiko is just great! I love it how she enjoys doing stuff with you and how she listens to you and does what you ask her to do <3 sooo cute! Great video!

  8. Love that you have incredible patience and talent to train this beautiful sweet dog. It ‘scalled ultimate love, eh…”oh, what you do to meeeee” I think this is my fave vid so far!!!! Thank you!

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