This SIMPLE drill could save your aggressive dog’s life…

Are you dealing with a reactive or aggressive dog? This simple drill can be done in less than 10 minutes and is an excellent way to start counter-conditioning your dog to their triggers.

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28 Comments on “This SIMPLE drill could save your aggressive dog’s life…”

    1. Roger R – I would think any pet store have these types of pouches in stock. You can also use a rock climbing chalk pouch for this task (they’re built on the same principle). Just remember to get a large one that can hold a good amount of treats.

  1. Lot of good information to be implemented in training. In Norway e-collars are not allowed for regular dog owners, so we can’t utilize this training device. Like your videos. All the best from Norway.

    1. you can use this and dont need an e- collar.. They can cause problems for the average person thats why they are banned. So many that are manufactured that are crap and can cause harm. Best used by professionals.

  2. Fantastic videos. I’ve sat and watched several this evening. Can I ask what the treats are that you use? I assume they are something fairly small and light on their tummies to enable the frequent use? Do you use a particular typebrandflavour for best effect? Many thanks

  3. We just took in a 3 year old Mini American Shepherd and she definitely has some aggression when she sees other dogs walking. I am really enjoying your videos. You are fierce and your dogs are so well behaved. Thanks for all the great info and ideas.

    1. dogs cant eat if they are stressed. The dog shes using is not reacting or stressed. If your dog wont take food it is too stressed out. You need to do an approach and retreat. Dont do this drill if you have serious issues. If you want to train with food on the things, train, when your dog is hungry and use high value food rewards- small pieces of hot dog or liver.

  4. My dog loses interest bin foods, I have tried several. When walking in this manner and change direction he just lays down. What E collar are you using Natalie?

  5. Love these tutorials they r very helpful i have all these situations that you r showing i wish you lived in the Massachusetts area cause i would be calling you but your tutorials r easy to understand glad i found you. Thank you

  6. This is great video. My puppers and I are working on reactivity on walks. I definitely want to encourage and teach him to be neutral on walks when other puppers and kiddos are around. Thanks for the encouraging video.

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